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Netrider Shaves and Colours for a Cure

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. It's that time of year again folks. For those of you who were around this time last year, you might remember the shave for a cure night we had at Friday night Coffee. It's for a great cause and we had heaps of fun, not to mention raising a heap of $$$ for the Leukaemia Foundation!!!

    Date - Friday 11th March
    Time - 6pm - 10pm

    Last year we used electric shavers and people brought along lots of cans of coloured hair spray (for those that didn't want to shave the head). This year I would prefer if we used cordless shavers so if anyone has one that they can bring in, can you let me know.
    I have the kit here that includes lots of balloons, posters, reciept books, flyers etc.
    I have 10 booklets at this stage with a plan to order more so if you want one to get sponsors with work/family/friends let me know and you can pick one up from my place in Mulgrave. I won't be at coffee this Friday night so if you want to pick one up from there, you will have to wait till the week after.

    To see the pics from last year, log into the Netriderpix site at
  2. That link brings up an error message:


  3. Try it again, you were too quick :p
    Works here, anyone else having probs with the link? I can post the full link if you prefer. :)
  4. Still getting the error message. :cry:

    Maybe the full link would work better?
  5. Nope. Doesn't like me for some reason.

    Could someone else pls try the link and report back?
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  7. You need to be a member of the Yahoo group, Netriderpix.
    Another way to get to the group is go to yahoo groups and do a search for netriderpix and join.
    Failing that, I will post the pics onto photobucket tomorrow and post the link then.
  8. *Bump*
    Who's going to be in it this year?
  9. My hair is pretty short as it is but count me in.
  10. Hey Deb,

    Can you please post a link with more information on this? The receipt book you gave me is pretty vague and I want to send a detailed email to everyone at work.

    :D :D
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  14. thanks
  15. Hey Deb, count me in although I'm not sure if you noticed (I’m trying to keep it a secret, so don’t tell anyone :D ) I don’t have much in the hair department. But more than willing to colour it or something like that. I might go directly to http://www.worldsgreatestshave.com/ and get something sent out to my work, just need to run it past the bosses first for approval.
  16. No worries Slic. If you want to shave/colour under the netrider name remember to tell them our Participant Shaver number is 77551. I have booklets here as well if anyone else wants them for sponsorship.
  17. Have heaps of hair (curly, black and thick). Too tight to get a haircut. I'll be in for the cut and color (not one or the other) providing Flipper does it and photographs are taken of her doing it and displayed on the Netrider pics site.

    Let me know if you still want me to be there or not.
  18. Hey Deb.

    If you go past Paulas can you drop a sponsorship booklet in my letterbox.

  19. I will gladly do that for you :)
    So I shall see you there shall I?
    Oh and BTW, it's Netrider PIX, haven't been there in a little while huh? :)
  20. Will do that today Nath.