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Netrider Ride 20160417 - Flag Raising Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. #1 69SIM, Apr 24, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    Ahhh sweet sweet procrastination... Finally got around to doing a small video of the Grey Gum Cafe/Putty Road ride for the purposes of officially raising the Netrider flag. It was a huge turnout and a great ride.

    GeorgeOGeorgeO hornethornet WombleWomble Andrew WestAndrew West icemakericemaker InfiniteInfinite seniorsenior Senator17Senator17 SibiSibi StralsStrals wideone3wideone3 DrSleepyDrSleepy KimiKimi chilliman64chilliman64 Wallace_GromitWallace_Gromit RuckusRuckus SoupSoup soupsmrssoupsmrs The Dirty BubbleThe Dirty Bubble AllllllR1AllllllR1 lilhoglilhog Cam2318Cam2318 BOB88RBOB88R 69SIM69SIM

    I think I got everyone, if not, please tell me :)

    Edit: Added in BOB88RBOB88R
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  2. Outstanding, thanks for posting that bit of Netrider's future history!!!!
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  3. good on you 69SIM69SIM thanks mate, great vid!
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  4. Brilliant! Thanks for compiling that.
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  5. Great work Sim.
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  6. HOW ABOUT ME? At least my bike was on the video. You got a little wet on your way home. I didn't get wet.

    As Always, GOOD WORK on the Video!!! Keep it up.
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  7. I *KNEW* there was someone else on a BMW!!! Sorry BOB88RBOB88R :(
  8. Thanks go out to Chris OzYodaOzYoda for sending the flag design to Kim and getting the flag raised at Grey Gum Cafe. Didnt know there was a ride to officially raise it.
  9. you must quite a good event.
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  10. Obviously.. I dont think people know how that flag actually got to be on a pole at Grey Gum Cafe.
    Chris (ozyoda - L's sessions at Homebush) and I were talking to Kim the owner many moons ago and she told us about the plan to put group flags up, ridding the place of the country flags.. we thought it was an awesome idea and Chris contacted Jason (mouth) to get approval and the NetRider banner to send through to Kim. Unfortunately, Kim's hubby "didnt like having a naked flag pole" and put the flag up without contacting us. Only saw it a few months later.
    It was planned that Mouth would come up from Melbourne to go to the flag raising.. but an impatient husband put a stop to that lol..
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  11. it was my first official NR ride and the first time I had met other Netriders! it was such a good ride with great folks that I have since been on another courtesy of GeorgeOGeorgeO

    just waiting for the next one...
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  12. All will be revealed soon.

    Check your winter gear. All i'm saying.....
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  13. Thanks for that. Nice to know the history
  14. Tease
  15. GeorgeOGeorgeO turns out one layer of thermals isn't quite enough under the new leathers. The other night I rode old pac with thermals and a hoodie under the new suit, and I had a windproof over the top and i was still pretty cold. Will need to reassess.....
  16. But apart from that minor issue I think a winter ride is definitely in order. I cleaned the firestorm the other day and even got a few comments on how clean it looks. That was nice. Just have to keep on it and slowly fix up all the dirty bits. I'll have the firestorm looking as neat as Nick s1000rNick s1000r's bmw soon haha
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  17. more coffee - maybe a camelbak filled with espresso
  18. chilliman64chilliman64 the firestorm might be called the "poor man's ducati" but it's still a jap bike, not Italian ;-)
  19. Thermalcore electrically heated underlayer perhaps?
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  20. cjvfrcjvfr i have to stop spending money for a while, and with some aftermarket pipes in mind I'm not sure electric heated clothing is going to help the finances at the moment :p they look incredible though!
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