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NetRider Ride 20160207

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. Top job 69SIM69SIM, thoroughly enjoyed watching that (y)
    (slapped bread stick cracked me up)
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  2. Thanks icemakericemaker, it pretty much summed me up that morning hehe
  3. Good stuff Simon. Top effort mate.
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  4. Holy smokes!!!
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  5. Awesome stuff. Pity we never got old Treefeller guy on the front loader in a camera shot
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  6. Yeah and I lost the footage of the burnt out graveyard of cars hehe
  7. FARKIN impressive on the gixer there!
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  8. #9 icemaker, Feb 9, 2016
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    I think it fair to say that gixxersrulegixxersrule can fcuking seriously make that thing dance!
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  9. Awsome work Simon (y)
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  10. why are they ex-NR's?
  11. Great video Simon! Looks like it was a great ride! :)
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  12. The road is not a race track, but fcuk me that's sweet!
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    wake me up when you get there.

    actually that's pretty funny, you just about went past my house.
  14. Great job Simon :)
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  15. They ride to fast.

    Also MouthMouth is the use of netrider ok here?