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NetRider Ride 20160116

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. 'ello all,

    It's me again with another Netrider ride video, this time for the Wollombi run on the 16th.

    Thanks to hornethornet for taking us along, despite the early horrible weather it turned out to be a good day of riding.

    Riders on the day: hornethornet, 69SIM69SIM, SibiSibi, KimiKimi, sneosneo, bastianbastian, RuckusRuckus, wideone3wideone3, BOB88RBOB88R.
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  2. Great video.

    Love your work, mate.
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  3. Love the cheesy guitar solo sound track! Keep up the good work (y)
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  4. Outstanding!!!!

    It was a beaut day...
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  5. (y) 69SIM69SIM and yes I knew I had heard that backing music somewhere, was a 70's VHS under the counter number staring one J Holmes :woot:
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  6. Excellent vid gentle? men/women ... used to have a 'love shack' in Lower Mangrove & super stone(d) house in the Watigans Nat. Park so know the 'hood real well. Pot hole junction we used to call it. (at the wateringhole in Laguna) Will catch you next time (& back down there in gridlock city as of Friday next). Carry on.
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  7. Thanks Sim, nice video and a great day. Weather stayed nice which was a welcome surprise. Hope you sort your camera out!
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  8. Thanks bastianbastian, yeah was a good day with the weather actually keeping it cool. Camera all sorted, I didn't latch the battery compartment properly so the battery kept coming lose... User error hehehe
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  9. Amazing day by the looks of it. Made me smile the whole way through.. Through home territory for me also.. Great share :geek:
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