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Netrider Ride 09.01.2016

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    No way can I do as good a job as OldmaidOldmaid for a ride report so instead I'll link you a little video of some of the destinations of the ride (and some other stuff).

    A big thanks though to GeorgeOGeorgeO for getting the ride organsied and for leading us from McGraths Hills onwards and to BanzaiEliseBanzaiElise for TEC'ing.

    Anyway, here is the video for your, errr, entertainment ;)

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  2. Awesome mate. Sorry for the long detour ;)
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  3. Great video, really enjoyed it!
    What camera are you using? Quality was great!
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  4. Outstanding, I LOVE your thought bubbles!!!!!
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  5. #5 69SIM, Jan 13, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 14, 2016
    Hey W_G, the detour we had to take wasn't from you, SibiSibi had to go visit her cousins at Castle Hill so we detoured through Cherrybrook. Hope you had a good day mate and got some good k's on the beemer :D

    Thanks MpfprocessMpfprocess, glad you liked it. I try not to make them too boring and long so I find highlights are the best. I'm using a Drift Ghost-S HD. I run it at 1080p @ 30fps (even though it can do 60fps) as it gives me the best battery life possible with good quality. I like the low profile form factor of it which makes it not so bulky on the side of my helmet.

    Thanks hornethornet! I hate the sound of my own voice on the videos so I bubble what I am thinking when I see stuff though sometimes I will vocalise some anger hehehe.
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  6. The speech bubbles are an awesome touch too! I have subscribed to your channel.
    I had been looking at the Drift Ghost, think you just sold me :)
  7. Awesome thanks! Always good to have some more subscribers :D

    It's a great unit, though the GoPro is probably still top dog. What I did was buy the proper drift battery charger but then jumped on ebay and bought a 5 pack of batteries from some mob in China. They work just as well as the Drift branded batteries. The only issue that I have with my unit is that when I plug in the external mic, I often get some high frequency interference in the audio but I run the audio through a lowpass filter on the editing software and that gets rid of it. Feel free to PM me if you want any more details about it.
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  8. Cool video 69SIM! (y)
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  9. great job 69SIM69SIM but I was wondering is there any "darkside" out takes, complete with expletives :cool:
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  10. Hehe, not on that particular ride but I've had my fair share of red mist rages caught on video :angelic:
  11. Just saw this - thank 69SIM69SIM . downloaded and will check out later . You are now officially annointed as the official NSW Netrider Video Reporter (NVR). The position does not pay but I hear the chicks dig it!
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  12. I suggest to help with your hairpins, turn your head further - maybe as far as you can comfortably go. I know you were videoing and had a bike in front, but give it a go.
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  13. Hehe, what kind of chicks are you referring to? ;) Probably the "other" ones...

    Good tip, actually after watching SibiSibi do her box turns at the learner sessions at Homebush I realise I should invest some time in doing that kind of thing as well, just to get those skills up. Riding bikes for 30 years and always learning :)
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  14. I pretty much followed your lines through the hairpins haha possibly a little close but it was my first day ;) that's my excuse anyway
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  15. Nice video. Looks like you guys had a great run.
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  16. Great video; thank you for creating and sharing!
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  17. Omg it took me 20 mins after watching this video to realise I was on this ride hahaha this was the last ride I did, from memory I think this was the longest ride I've done it was a good day as well :D

    EDIT: ah yes I remember, this is when KimiKimi and I tried to memorise the whole route on the way back :p
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