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Netrider rego frames

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. They can be lost too.

    On my way to MCAS Parramatta today to pick up a set of saddle bags as a farewell present for our boss that left the Company (Yes he was that good as a boss) and the police stopped me.

    Police comes beside me and I say: Come on! I wasn't speeding!

    - No, you weren't.

    - And then?

    - Where is your rego plate?

    - There at the back -pointing without dismounting.

    - Could you please get off your bike?

    -Sure -Helmet and gloves off- It is the... I swear it was there when I left the city 20 minutes ago.

    - Sure was. Can I see your licence? -handes licence- What was the rego number?

    - It was ****4.

    Couple of minutes went by while the officer was in his car checking details I guess.

    - Do you know it is an offense to drive a vehicle without identification plates on the roads in NSW?

    - Yes.

    - So I will issue a fine.

    - Ok. Can you give me the fine so I can keep going?

    - I'm afraid it won't happen. You need to follow me to the station so we can fill a lost/stolen plate report so you can go to the RTA and get a new rego plate issued.

    So I followed the police car to the station once we got there the police asked me where do I work and I gave him a business card. So he said:

    - I won't issue a fine. I believe you when you say that it just fell off as I don't think you would be riding an unregistered bike with no plate, no registration label and without displaying the P plates and stopped when I asked you too instead of trying to loose me through the traffic.

    - Thanks for that. Can I go and get what I need from Parramatta, ride to the city and then home with this report and go to the RTA tomorrow?

    - If another officer stops you he may not be so leniant and the fine would be $$$ for no plate, $$$ for no rego label, $$$ for no P plates.


    So I rode a couple of blocks to my in laws place got my father in law to take me to the RTA in Silverwater, got there at 4:53pm, so just in time. Got new plates (new numbers) issued and went to MCAS and got the saddle bags with 2 minutes to spare (5:28pm).

    So when I finally rode back to work I gave the bags to my ex boss and I said: You better like them and enjoy them, and if you don't like them, well, you better learn to like them.

    Everyone was laughing and I got a round of applause. But I still lost my rego frame


    Sorry for the length but that is how it is.

  2. your bike was unregistered? and he let you off? i'm confused. i get the plate falling off, and nice of him to accept that it genuinely fell off (which i dont doubt) but doesnt riding an unregistered bike leave you with zero insurance?
  3. He mean unregistered as in not complying with the law (eg: plate on display, registration label affixed to the bike) so that in the law's eyes equals unregistered.

  4. Ouch, glad it worked out in the end!

    People generally aren't stupid enough to go around without plates on, so when it became clear that you weren't a bogan he should have picked up on the fact that it was an honest mistake.
  5. Good to hear some cops are willing to listen to reason...

    Letting you off with a warning is much more effective than fining you etc. causing animosity you might feel towards the Po-Po. Especially since you will probably check for your rego plate before riding off either way i.e. learned your lesson.

    However, you got quite lucky. Pretty serious offence to not ride with a rego plate (3 points, $308) and not displaying P-plate (2 points, $189). Probably a 3 month suspension since it's 4+ points.
  6. Yeah I got lucky that it was a good policeman. He even laughed at the horns that I stuck to my helmet.

  7. He should've beaten you to a pulp, smashd you onto the bonnet of the car, called for back up, given you a complete mob bashing, launched you into the paddy wagon and beat you senseless all the way to the cop shop before letting you go...........................you hooligan :LOL:
  8. Somewhat related, somewhat off topic:

    About 15 years ago, I "escaped" from Canberra back to Brisbane. I was driving my '71 Transit Van that was a work in progress (302W conversion). had to get a temporary rego, so I had no plate.

    Passing through some little hicksville town in NSW, I got pulled over by a cop. I grabbed my wallet and jumped out to greet him.

    "Afternoon, Officer."

    No pleasantry, just, "You've got no rear plate."

    Reaching for my wallet, "Nah, I've got a temporary rego." Handed him the paperwork.

    Copper reads it, then hands it back.

    "Make sure you stick to the speed limit." Walks away.

    "Sure thing, thanks."

    I could see he wasn't happy. No ticket issuing for him today. :p