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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I may not be an excelent cook (possibly due to lack of motavation) but I know a few "povo student" recepies.
    Occasionally though, I do like to cook something more than 2 min noodles, so Im looking for a little inspiration.

    Post your favorite meals! give me some ideas - trade some recipies.

    Ill start off.

    get one pack of pasta. get one pot of boiling water. Combine. Sample every couple of mins untill cooked.



  2. OK, so you slice up a bread stick (or just use normal bread or muffins I guess), and top with:

    Philly cream cheese
    Sliced Tomato
    Finely chopped spring onions
    Salt n pepper
    Bit o salami if you're feeling spicy
    Oregano and/or basil if you're feeling continental

    Grill for however long

    /Still, I think asking motorcyclists for recipes is a risky move and the kind of thing only a JERK would bother doing.
  3. I'll add to this:

    This is my secret recipe about to be let out of the bag :LOL:

    After straining the pasta, put it back into the saucepan.

    Add a few table spoons of margarine or butter (to taste).
    Shake pot (with lid on) vigerously to mix pasta and margarine or butter.

    Add pepper (to taste), and shake vigerously again.
    Can substitute pepper for other condiments; chilli flakes, paprika, etc.

    POST 300, yay!!

    Have fun...
  4. when cooking pasta add ssome nice olive oils to the water and when you drain it your pasta will ahve an authentic olive oil covering that is yummy :)
  5. mmm sounds good. I love cream cheese.

    Quick potato & pasta salad - cheaters way

    1 tin of potato salad (about 50c at coles)
    Some pre cooked pasta
    finely diced pastley to taste.

    Chuck them all together, try not to add too much pasta as there wont be enough mayo to go round and you will have to add some more to ensure it doesnt get bland/dry. You can get around 1/2 and 1/2 pasta and potato before it gets dry (usually)

    humm thanks for the pasta tips!

    Well I think only jerks would have a dog as an avatar...
  6. Two simple entries, es, bearing in mind I'm a retired chef.

    1. Your pasta start, cooked al dente, just cooked. Add a can of tomato soup, stir through, grate in half a cup of cheese and keep stirring over a low heat until the cheese is all melty. Eat, and wash up the utensils and plates straight away or you will need a jack-pick to clean them if it gets cold!

    2. Tip-top muffins, Add a tablespoon of Dolmio-type stuff, then chopped up ham, onions, whatever, a little more Dolmio, then grated cheese, grill under the griller, instant mini-pizzas.
  7. I got one: RICE
    Place 1 cup of washed rice into empty saucepan.
    Add 1 cup of cold water
    Place on cold hotplate and turn heat up to full.
    When water is boiling turn heat completely off and leave saucepan on hotplate.
    Check back after a few minutes and rice should be cooked. (absorbtion)
  8. Actually, chucking some cooked chook pieces, tinned oregano and a can of campbell's chunky mushroom soup into a drained pot of cooked pasta works brooyantly too.

    You can also use creamy pumpkin soup, it goes brilliantly with oregano, chook and some bacon if you can be stuffed. Ooooh and pepitas if you can dig some up.

    You bastards are making me hungry for povo student food.
  9. What I usually do with rice, to add a little extra flavor, put in some stock as well. V nice :D
  10. I feel like making something sweet tonight. Any recomendations?

    ("hey baby, Ill help you make some sweet sweet lovin... ooooh yeaaaah")

  11. Hornet's Specials menu

    Fish sandwiches - feeds 5000.

    O Lord, please don't burn us.
    Don't grill or toast Your flock.
    Don't put us on the barbecue
    Or simmer us in stock.
    Don't braise or bake or boil us
    Or stir-fry us in a wok.
    Oh, please don't lightly poach us
    Or baste us with hot fat.
    Don't fricassee or roast us
    Or boil us in a vat,
    And please don't stick Thy servants, Lord,
    In a Rotissomat.
  12. Get some cookie mix and pour it in to a big bowl.

    Mix in a masive amount of skunk and put into small dolops on to baking tray.

    Cook for around 20 minutes and a meduim heat.

    Eat cookies and get so stone that you think your road runner and just sit there for hours unable to talk going 'meep meep'
  13. Mark, you are a dingbat!!
  14. You trying to get those warnings back, Pete? :LOL:
  15. lol@Chairman

    poke poke

  16. Couldn't pass up the opportunity. My mum wrote a cookbook, and I pleaded to be allowed to include that in the funeral hymns. Dad and my siblings said yes, but it was vetoed.
  17. humm a new recipie for geek night?
    maybe Ill make some more of my special "brownies"
  18. Only vegetarian recipe I know of is refried beans - my method involves:
    1 can of red kidney beans
    1 can of tomatoes
    1 small (ie camping size) of capsicum (optional)
    Spices (Cumin, Oregano, Paprika, Salt and Pepper edit: or for the lazy, mexican chilli powder)

    Simply empty all cans into a blender (if not using the capsicum you need to add a little bit of vinegar to get it to thicken properly later) and mix thoroughly - add spices although at this stage it will taste terrible, trust me it gets better. Now the difficult part, transfer the lot into a saucepan and simmer until it thickens to a paste (often takes 1.5~2 hours). I usually combine with cheese to make a burrito filling, would also work well served with corn chips/nachos.
  19. I made this the other night. There are many variations, but i'm not a fan of the spicy hot stuff, so I just don't add it.

    Thai Satay Chicken
    Chicken breasts chopped up in to thumb sized cubes (careful of your thumbs)
    1 Onion chopped up
    1-2 teaspoons of Garlic
    A little Fish Sauce (optional as it smells terrible, but does make the chicken taste nice)
    You can add your spicy stuff here... like Chili sauce or whatever.

    Mix all together in a bowl and leave to marinate for a while.
    While this is marinating...
    1/2 can of Coconut Cream (I love the stuff)
    Abooouuut 5-6 heaped tablespoons of Chunky Peanut Butter
    3-4 tablespoons of Brown Sugar
    Put all this in a pot on the stove. Heat and stir/mix until it becomes a thick and peanutty-sweet sauce.
    Take off the stove and leave to cool on the side. Make sure it doesn't burn and stick to the bottom of the pot.

    Cook up some rice to go with the lot (I microwave 1.5 cups of jasmine race with 4 cups of boiled water for 14 mins.).

    Take marinated Chicken and cook in a pan with a little oil. Brown the Chicken.
    Once browned add the sauce and heat for a couple of mins.

    Then serve!

    Damn tasty.
    Should feed 3-4 people... unless you're like me and like to eat lots ;)
  20. I'm that keen on vegetarians. They often come out a little dry. For a good roast you need a little fat on them. I probably could lard them with some bacon strips though... :LOL: :LOL:

    Mind you vegans are even worse! :p :p