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Netrider Realtime Chat

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. We have added a new realtime chat functionality to the Netrider site, as a trial to see how it performs.


    You will need to logon with your membership details to access the chat. Once you have successfully logged-on, the realtime chat functionality will be displayed. You logon details will be remembered, so that you don't have to logon each time you visit the chat.

    Good for those late-night times when your bored and want to have a realtime yak with other Netriders :)

    Feedback on it's usefulness and performance is welcome.
  2. Only one person in there, but loaded fast and worked well.


  3. I think it is a good idea to restrict it to members.
    Well done.

    Seems to work OK with 2 in there. LOL
  4. dare i ask.....what is the point?
    i mean sure it works fine, but why bother?
  5. Seems to be the goods
    works fast and I think it can get through work's firewall.
  6. Those that use IRC will understand. Those that don't however will ask what the point it :p

    I guess people can just log in and chat in real time as opposed to playing PM tennis.
  7. neato, no need to add yet another piece of bloatware to my system!
  8. + 1 for cross browser / system compatability
    + 1 for speed to load
    + 1 for completeness
    - 1 for colour scheme (personal pref)

    Good job overall.
  9. Well the online chat has been up all weekend now and only a handful of users have tried it.
    C'mon guys have a peek it's a great idea and so easy to use!
  10. Not the best weekend to launch it - too many people away. But on the other hand, maybe the best time so that we can test the functionality without it being overloaded.

    I look forward to having a chat in there soon :grin:
  11. I cant get in....I tried but It wont let me :(

    must be something to do with the fact I havent sent my 5bucks yet!
    I dont have a credit card to use..so the only alternative I have is a money order...and I dont have an address to post it to..hhheeeellllpppp :roll:
  12. You need to use your Member number to log in, which you wouldn't have if you aren't a member yet!

    I thought there was a direct debit option too, but looking on the membership form that doesn't seem to be an option anymore. I'll check in to it, cos it should be there to the best of my knowledge.
  13. An even better idea would be for them to have a bank account that I could deposit into directly..save fee's etc etc....like with ebay purchases.

  14. Is it real voice chat or just typo?
  15. type chat but very user friendly no commands etc.
  16. top idea , should be good
  17. i am in there and its all quite :shock:
  18. quite what glen? :p
  19. should be a good spot to have a verbal brawl from time to time ..... ill bring the popcorn
  20. quiet , see theres no spell checker in there either :p :LOL: