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Netrider Promotional Business Cards

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, May 4, 2005.

  1. Following on from https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4146 ...

    Netrider will in 3 weeks time finally have our promotional 'business' cards in full colour for people to use in handing out to other riders and promoting Netrider and themselves.

    A draft example of the promotional cards is, https://netrider.net.au/pics/netrider/NetriderPromoCard.png

    We have secured some excellent pricing for the cards, and as previously stated they will be available at purely cost price - $2.50 for 50 cards.

    You will be able to order them from the merchandise page within the next couple of days - I'll let people know.

  2. Will order some of these when they are available. What will be the way of distributing these cards? Handing them to various riders?
    The reason I ask is that in some municipalities (eg Casey) it is against council by-laws to place things like this on the windscreens of vehicles. I assume that would also apply to postnig them on bikes as well.
    I don't want to get Netrider in trouble if not distributed correctly.
  3. some as we do on the firestorm site .
    when you see a firestorm , you tagg the bike (ie slip it under the petrol cap latch or seat strap etc , so when the rider comes back he sees the card)
    and tagged by is your name .

    I have one question
    what is the use in tagging the bike if the web address isnt on the card ?
    they wont know where to go .
    its like leaving a business card with no contact details .
  4. Put your glasses on, Glen!!! :LOL:
  5. it could be my monitor its playing up , everythings dark .
    is it in the black area ?
  6. It's in black text in the red area at the lower left of the card.

    I didn't notice it at first - maybe the URL and email address should be in white text rather than black?
  7. I liked the business card and had no problems seeing the web address. Good job :D
  8. URL Looks good here too, I'll be in when available

    I'll get some bloody interest out of taswegians somehow!

  9. I'm definitely in when they become available
  10. That is a great way to promote the site and the club, I want some when they com out, the amount of times I have been asked the web address etc. this will help alot! Good job!
  11. Mouth,

    How about a set without the "You've been tagged by ....." which can be left at dealerships / mechanics / etc?

    Congrats boys!!

    Can't wait to get my hands on the 150 I ordered!!!
  13. Great idea and well done to everyone involved. The idea should be good to attract a few more riders.
  14. I'm happy to hand these out - They look really professional.

    Excellent design - well done guys :D
  15. As per this post, all design kudos and appreciation goes to Aikon77 and Trenshadow. Thanks again gents :)

    We also have another design to use for our next round of promo cards :)
  16. The cards have arrived, and look great! :)

    I will be at coffee tomorrow night so they will be available from then. For those not in Melbourne, or will be unable to catch me, they are also available for order from the merchandise page.
  17. Start counting to 150 Mouth!!! I will be checking your work.... :wink:
  18. $2.50 doesn't include counting :p
  19. I paid my $10! I want you to get counting!!! Or I will come over there tomorrow after work - before coffee - and count them myself!!! :p
  20. They look awesome to me. There are MANY bikes that park at the university i go to so i'll order some and start spreading the word. So if you go to UOW and ride/park a bike there prepare to have your bike tagged by N1GH7-R1D3R.