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Netrider pit crew @ Broadford, Feb 18/19

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Hey Guy's, I've just been advised by my bosses that I can borrow the press Benelli TNT (yeh the same one that has had the nuts thrashed out of it in all the mags) to race.

    I am entering the first round of the Victorian Championships at Broadford on Feb 18 & 19. I'll be running in the BEARS/Thunderbike (single, twins & triples) class and the Superbike class if it's eligible.

  2. Nice bosses.

    Enjoy the weekend, hopefully the weather gods smile on you that day.
  3. You little beauty!

    Keep us all updated, you might get a Netrider bellowing contigent down to support you.
  4. At least the thing is run-in :shock:
  5. Great stuff Johnny, I'll certainly try and make it there. Are they also going to let you cut some of the weight and throw some shit off?
  6. Hmmmm, *scratches head, thinking* I don't think there is much I can cut off? I guess if anything, with the addition of a steering damper and race numberplates...... I'll be making it heavier :?
  7. You guys got any jobs going at your work?
  8. What can you do?
  9. Are any Netriders coming to Broadford this weekend? I was wondering if anyone might be interested in being my pit-crew, I'm going up alone and it would be great if anyone could assist. It would really only entail helping on/off tyres warmers and putting the bike on the paddock stand when I come in from riding...... and maybe putting my crashed bike in the van if I'm in hospital :shock:

    I'm up there Fri, Sat & Sun, whom ever can commit for the 3 days will get the priority on the entry pass but I would appreciate help on even one day.

    If you don't have a bike or don't want to ride up, you welcome to come up in the van with me (it's not a real comfortable passenger seat :) )

    Thanks, John
  10. As a side topic what would a set of mirrors off of that bike be worth in your opinion?
  11. mate if i had enough doe to get down there for the weekend i would jump at the chance of pitting for you ...... come on all you mexicans get behind the bloke all he wants is a little help :wink:
  12. wonder if i can get a weekend leave pass.....

    fat bloody chance :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    will definately let you know if i'm able to take a day off from the grind, but i dont like my chances ATM.

    if you want someone keen as mustard to help out, i am your man. you'll just have to wait till the kids are out of hospital tho :? funny how two wee little things like that can put such a halt on your life :LOL:
  13. The retail price for the TNT mirrors are $121 ea, we don't have any in stock at the moment; we had unusual high demand for them, they've been cleaned out by guy's fitting them other brands (I've got em on my Sachs 650 Streetfighter).
  14. Johnny, I can be there Sat and Sun (although I'll have to take off early on Sat)

    I'll just make sure it's all kosher with the boss and confirm.
  15. Cool, thanks, that'd be great.
  16. I'd be interested to help out at a future time.
    I'll be tied up pit crewing for the Zegna-Ducati girls this weekend.
  17. Thanks for the offer, sounds like you'll have fun this weekend anyway.
  18. Can I have a zegna girl too?
  19. Hope it goes well for you. Half of the Cleos Saturday night crew will be at Mt.Gambier this weekend. Shaun and I will be there in spirit though. :)
  20. No, you're a 'Benelli Boy' :grin: