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Netrider Parliament

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. With the discussion a few days ago about politics, then about politicians and what motorcycle they resembled, I herewith suggest a Netrider Parliament. Feel free to add to this or alter it at will (which I'm sure you will)
    President: Vic
    Vice President: Jason
    Treasurer: someone honest, ooops, that's a giveaway (vacancy here)
    Minister for Education: groberts03
    Minister for Safety: Dan
    Minister for Women's Affairs: Firefling
    Minister for Sport and Recreation: Skuffy
    Minister for Accident Statistics: Sobil
    Minister for Transport: someone with a registered trailer
    Minister for Warm Fuzzy Thoughts: Flashfire
    .... anyway, you get the idea.........

  2. ahh so you'll be needing the services of an economist (and we all know they are the real leaders :LOL: )
  3. Minister for defence - Deyago...
  4. Parliamentary Secretary to do all the work: TonyE
    Minister for Entertainment: Chairman
    Minister for Motorsports: pvda & rc36Honda
    Minister for Civil Disobedience: gixxersrule
    Minister for Back in My Day: hornet600 & rc36Honda
  5. putting your hand up, are you? wet or dry? (it's important, you know, we don't want Netrider falling behind the rest of the OECD (Organisation for Excess, Craftiness and Drinking)) countries!

  6. :LOL: Me likey! :LOL:

    Can I call on the President and Treasuer to pass funding on my Atomic Whacking Stick defence initiative? :twisted: :D
  7. So who's the Minister for Fair Goes
  8. Minister for the Arts [best av] - Mat
  9. Can I put my hand up for Minister of sex and depravity ?

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    Deyago minister for defence ? yeah i'll buy that !
  10. Minister of sex education it's called bob :D

    And Minister for Women's Affairs?? WTF??? :shock:
    Can I pass a legistration for guys with nice bodies to be wearing tight fitting leathers?? :LOL:
  11. A Minister for funny walks??????

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Mel reckons your whacking stick is better described as a small firecracker than atomic :LOL: Submit your funding proposal in triplicate :)
  13. You never give-up Minna .. doesn't matter if you pass laws, I STILL won't put on my leathers for you! :LOL: :LOL: :p 8)
  14. only if I can do the same for our female voters as well
  15. Minster for Proactive Reaction: Nova :?
  16. Listen here mr Vice President, we all know that VP is a window dressing position, so back to cutting ribbons for you! :p

    ...I can feel a coup coming on, Ive got the taste for it, I just cant wait for it, I can feel a coup coming on! Nah I'd rather have the whacking stick and let others take the heat :LOL:
  17. Can I be minister for racist remarks, sexual harrassment, and wrist slitting.....oh and controversy
  18. You can, my dear, but given the bodies in this forum, it may be a wasted exercise.......
  19. Minister for Immigration, and Welfare?
  20. Actually, eswen, I think he's having a not-so-subtle shot at our (NSW) recently departed Opposition Leader......