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netrider /.org /.net

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nalasrob, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. WTF! https://netrider.net.au/ Whats this message all about.
    Can someone throw some light on this?

  2. Just do a search and the light will shine on you. :roll:
  3. Stolen? Unscrupulous? The? Someone hand that man a glass of legal-aid.
  4. If anyone is a thief it's the bafoon that controls the domain name.

    But yeah, do as Steve suggested, search and all will be revealed :)
  5. those emails were to a mailing list.
  6. I can ride, at age 100 I think it's you that can't ride. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I thought this situation has been consigned to the background to be sorted by those involved but it looks like the tish fight is about to start on here all over again.

    Someone pick up some popcorn on the way home tonight please :facepalm:
  8. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5531

    In short, myself and Vic are owners of Netrider (officially Netriders Australia, Australian Netrider, and netrider.net.au). The trusted (obviously, no-longer) person who managed the .org.au domain refused to give co-management of the domain to our hosting provider, and refused to hand-over management to ourselves. He essentially stole the domain from Netrider, also trying to claim ownership of Netrider and saying that the domain was owned by his Holden LS1 business (as well as changing the domain record). Consequently, Vic and I were forced to move Netrider to the .net.au domain.

    The issue is not yet complete.
  9. Is "Netrider" a registered business name? If so, is there an avenue there that you can pursue?

    For example, if I started up a website called Mike Rowe Software and had the url of www.mikerowsoft.com I'm sure that a certain Bill G would come after my arse, and successfully too, as what happened to the real Mike Rowe when he set up his personal website.

    I've read of many businesses who've successfully gained control of website names that were the same as their businesses' names.

    Of course, this may mean lots of $$$.
  10. May mean???

    Just to have it heard by the AUDA (the tools that supposedly run the domains in Aust) is going to cost $1650.00

    Big dollars for Netrider, $$$ that it doesnt have to throw away in order for some glorified keyboard stroker to look at the case and make a decision as to who controls the domain.
  11. Reading those mail posts in the links, this dude just makes friends everywhere he goes! Could the decision go either way? Is this only about .org.au? Is .net.au safe? It certainly doesn't sound like a simple issue to resolve. Vic, if money is required then pass the virtual hat around. Maybe an online auction, sponsored rides or coffee nights in Melbourne, Sydney (any other place we have Netriders). How long will it take before the issue is heard by the AUDA?
  12. Not a bad idea, only need 165 people to dip in $10 and then this serial robber would be gone for ever. And .net is as safe the internet can be.
  13. Yeah I'll throw a twenny in the hat... Just to piss that clown off. I wonder if he's actually got any plans of putting a website up at the .org.au site? It's been sitting there with that nasty message for yonks.

    It'd be fun if he did put a forum up there... I can envisage no shortage of bilious postings there from Netriders...
  14. I am going to ask a dumb question.....

    Does any of this actually matter? I came across the 'other' site initially and just ignored it. This is the 'real' netrider, it has the membership, the content, and the reputation. I had totally forgotten that the other even existed until reminded by this thread. The other idiot has gained absolutely nothing except maybe some kind of empty satisfaction. So, as I asked, does it actually matter?
  15. I am concerned that this may have a bearing on the Netrider name and not just a domain extension (.org.au or .net.au). If the AUDA rule in favour of us, does that mean we go back to org.au? If they rule in favour of the other fella, what happens? Maybe Judge Judy will need to get involved. Regardless, if there is a large Netrider expense as a result of this nonsense, then let us know so that those that wish to can raise some funds.
  16. i'm with incitatus, does this matter? :?

    i mean sure, the bloke is a turdmuncher, but does this effect us now? judging by the amount of ppls here, i'd say not :LOL:

    mr turdmuncher there can have his little domain and he can keep on paying for it for no reason other than to be more of a turdmuncher for all eternity for all it matters :LOL: let the baby have his bottle i say. the bottle is empty and no-one knows it exists anyways so who gives a nutty shit what he does with it :LOL:
  17. What happens if this situation raises it's ugly head in the future, the judge might be saying "why didn't you defend your position at the time" guess leaving things the way they are means that he has the rights to it's name in some way.
    Anyway I am not the legal man, just my opinion.