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Netrider only Broadford ride day March 5

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hey Guy's, I have confirmation from the State Motorcycle Sport Complex at Broadford that they will be running a Netrider only ride day / fun day on the roadrace circuit on Monday March 5.

    Cost is (*EDIT* $150) includes lunch, plus $20 if you need a one-day track licence (*EDIT* plus $5 for insurance).

    Riding tuition classes will be run on the day, if there is enough interest, I will run a classroom session at the circuit the night before; camping overnight costs $10, it includes toilets, showers & electricity. If we go ahead with the evening classroom, the canteen ladies will open on the Sunday evening for food & drinks.

    The benfits of running the evening classroom session means I get to work with more riders on and off the track, riders get more on-track time, plus I can have you tuned-in before you even hit the track.

    Classroom sessions either on the day or the evening before are free for anyone to sit-in on.

    I haven't confirmed the sessions yet but I am thinking.....

    Up to 400 Novice
    Up to 400 experienced
    Over 400 Novice
    Over 400 experienced

    Stand by for further details as they come available.

    Regards, John :)
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  2. Sweet...$150 sounds like a great price inclusive of food and classes. Looks like my annual leave will come in handy and hope I don't need to use sick leave the days after :p.
  3. =D>=D>=D>
  4. As always it will be great to see you Phong :)
  5. Argh! Monday. Will be a maybe now as just started a new job and dont really wanna ask for work off. Although I could tell them on Monday when I start that this was planned well before I got the job..
  6. That's what I did...at my job interview, still got the job and still went on a 2 week holiday :).
  7. If you're very good at your job you can simply demand the time off. Or else.
  8. definately there, thats what sick days are for!!
  9. I'll be there for sure.

    Well done on organizing so quickly.

  10. Ripper! Thanks for organising everything. I'll have to book in a flex day at work. :)

    PS: I'll be in the novice over 400cc category.
  11. Love your work Johnny O.

    I will be putting in my personal leave application pronto.
  12. Nice work - I'll be there.

  13. Sweet, if i can get my dates organised i'll be there. Thanks for the great work.

    Also in the over 400 novice =D
  14. I'll be in the up to 400cc experienced...I'll take it slow...got to get my mojo back.
  15. Question for you Johnny O.... if this is a Netrider only day, how will it be policed? Will you only be able to attend if you have a Netrider membership card? Or will some other check be put in place e.g. PM you to get on the "door list".
  16. me and my mate are down for this, I dont pay anyone to read a forum, and my mate dont even know how to read a forum!

    I'll be on the NSR I hope, gotta chuck a new piston in it and get some tyres still and my mate'll be on his ZX10. there might be another mate that will come and will share the 2smoker with me for the day aswell.

    I will confirm us for this date ASAP.
  17. thanks for all this johhnyo and for the decent notice, should be good to come!

    novice over 400 for me, guess ill try come up the sunday as well, i need all the help and pointers i can get!
  18. Good work Johnny - count me in.
  19. What is the latest we can sign up for this?

    Because if i can somehow work it out that i can get down from Sydney to there at that time, i will!