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Netrider on today tonight

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sly, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Haha, just saw the Netrider logo on a speed camera story on Today Tonight...

    Making quite a name for ourselves. Nice one!

  2. The more pertinent question is, why are you watching Today Tonight?
  3. It was also on aca and in the tele today

  4. Actually, I'm on NR right now with TT playing in the background for a bit of amusement
  5. The story was about speed cameras.....a number of internet logos were shown with supposed links to online anti-speed camera groups...giving the impression, I thought, that netrider was a anti speed camera site!!!
  6. ^^^ just paving the way for more ignorant fools to hate us without actually finding out if what they were told is true....
  7. but it is, isn't it, judging by the anti-everything whining that's gone on of late?
  8. Finally netrider is starting to scare the establishment. I wonder if it has to do with advertisers not wanting their ads to screen during negative motorcycle stories.
  9. How do you come to that conclusion?
  10. He comes up with all sorts of weird conclusions, just nod approvingly maintaining eye contact.
  11. Obviously they have heard of our brilliant success in motorcycle advocacy
  12. true, we do have an anti-life vibe coming up lately, too many people need to just eat concrete. and these will be the first people to complain when the beige cardi brigade get their way and we're screwed in more ways than just being labelled hoons
  13. Many emails to advertisers and a couple of protest rides. When was the last bad news story about motorcycles?
  14. SRA never fails to crack me up.
    i can't wait for his next 'where is Ken Lay thread.
    abducted by aliens maybe ?... last sighted at McDonalds with Elvis ?
  15. Well at least they are telling the truth, sort of. Given that VicGov themselves have published camera locations it's hardly a crime.
    TT and ACA have both done brisk business lately caning the misuse of speed cameras. I don't think this episode points to a media hate campaign.
  16. I'm quite annoyed, but entirely unsurprised, at Today Tonight and their typical dumpster journalism so I logged onto their website hooked across to
    http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/contactform/viewer-feedback and left a message for them.

    My responce in the Tell us your story here: section
    I'm hoping I haven't said anything that any one disagrees with and more importantly I hope that if I have said things you do agree with you will head over to dickhead7 and add your own comments.
  17. Yeah, I've been picking up that sort of vibe, too. And I haven't even been paying much attention to PLGI and General.
  18. People still watch that tripe, Today Tonight? I guess that makes sense whilst there are so many uneducated mouth-breathing boguns running around this country.