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Netrider on eBay .. bid now!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Bid now, for the cheapest Netrider membership you'll find!


    Yeah, OK .. I am feeling cheeky and I think it will be a great way to further lift the exposure of Netrider :) 8)

    Email the eBay page to all your friends, and anyone with an interest in motorcycling! Lets see how far and wide the page can be spread :)

    A special merchandise prize to the person who gets the eBay page and Netrider mentioned on the highest exposure media/news/blog. Post your contribution here and we'll all vote on the winner :)
  2. And here I was thinking I could buy a netrider! Now which one to choose?
  3. I think the Kawa forum will enjoy it too. :LOL:
  4. Just don't send Sir Skuffy in there behind it :LOL:
  5. bit worrying that the seller calls himself "amouth" too!
  6. Netrider is up for sale????? Yikes!!!!!
  7. Ummm .. why?
  8. An important word you left out of that phrase ... "membership"
  9. I might put in a bid for it . Then there would be 2 of me :D .
  10. Can we bid for it?

    I'd be happy to donate the proceeds to contribute towards expenses of running the site...
  11. Sorry, mate, but when I read this this morning at about 7 it was under another heading about an ebay SCAM. I was concerned that, if it WAS a scam, it was worrying that the person putting it forward was using a name very similar to your's.

    A little later this thread appeared and all was explained, but I had posted in the other wone by then...

    Make sense???

    It does to me, anyway!!!
  12. Pick me! Pick me!
  13. How many Ks has it done?

    Has it got hot air or cold air in the tyres?

    How big is the net?

    Is the ride height adjustable?
  14. All donations towards expense costs are gratiously and appreciatevely accept via https://netrider.net.au/?page=donations :)

    But feel free to bid on the eBay m/ship if you feel like it :)
  15. ok... bid posted :)
  16. The annoucment was put up about 30 minutes before I posted my piss take thread in the general discussion forum.......Didn't think I'd catch any fish.
  17. l posted as well several times...lol