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Netrider newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pbaz, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Good evening all,

    New to the site, but not to the road.

    About to embark on some track-day time

    Looking forward to some good Aussie feedback in the future.
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  2. Welcome mate, riding a Duc huh
  3. Welcome to NR...

    chillibuttonchillibutton I hear that you're looking at one as well..

  4. Happy with the Ape....
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome to nutriders, nerdriders or whatever. Photos or it ain't happened. Cheers
  7. Harden the fcuk up, don't be a wanker, get a haircut and get a real job!
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  8. Welcome :D
  9. Welcome pbazpbaz

    aussie feedback ? '' be good to your mother''
  10. All aboard &
    I think Bologna crew are testing at the island as I write ?
    Great set of wheels there (need realtime proof pic please) .. Alpha S maxxed out bling model? $42,990 plus reg ? With 147kW (205bhp) at 10,500rpm and 145Nm of torque at 8750rpm you won't wanna blink ... eva. Watch the miserley tank capacity & ECU / ABS shenanigans (I hear on the grapevine).

  11. Yes mate,

    My third one.

    Expensive habit but the smile is worth it
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  12. Wife just got one today, she's certainly smiling a lot....
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  13. Photo taken week before Christmas between Reefton and Marysville.

    Went the S

    Have to fill up all the time. 150k's out of a tank is a good day
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  14. I sat on a 959 today - very nice! 8 more months till can test ride one though:depressed:
  15. Worth the wait.
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  16. Hopefully she enjoys the bike as well :p
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