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Netrider newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ridesafe, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hi guys
    Newbie to Netrider. Old fart, (riding for 45 years) but still young at heart, daily commuter and passion is my 2011 Gixxer 600.
    Looking forward to exchanging news and views with you all

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  2. welcome bud
  3. Welcome, lovely to see old riders on mad bikes!
  4. Welcome mate! You have my dream bike so I don't know whether to be your friend or hate you.
  5. Welcome to NR ya old bastard.
  6. Howdy, the more old farts the better, keep these whippersnappers honest ;)
  7. Damn right ... otherwise they'd get real uppity :D

    Welcome to to the ol'frt :)
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. You look and sound like an interesting mob judging by these replies?
    Siwagod I'm not sure about the tutu mate, but thanks for the positive comment on my ride.
    It IS indeed a dream bike and is simply a joy to ride.
    Thanks Mcsenna I'll try and help you keep the young whippersnappers honest but I'm pretty sure that could be a difficult one.
    Thanks for the other warm welcome Gobberwart and others, looking forward to talking to all of you in the near future.
    Do you local guys get together for rides very often?:devil:
  9. That would depend a whole lot on where 'local' is...
    Psst - you havn't said where you're from!

    Regardless, welcome aboard and above all, enjoy the ride
  10. If you're near any of the major cities, you can be guaranteed there will be a regular ride near you.
  11. Welcome to NR mate.

    With a user knick like ridesafe I predict you either have a strong interest in riding skill or instruct it. Look forward to your contribution. We have a few certified instructors and a whole bunch of thinking riders/mentors. Your contribution will be noted with interest.

    Looking forward to exchanging news and views with you all
    Hahaha, be careful what you wish for. lol
  12. Yep I've been instructing for many years, but I reckon we never stop learning about bikes and ways to develop riding skills, we can ALWAYS improve what we do and how we do it IMHO.
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  13. welcome to NR and great news to hear more knowledge added to the NR database :)
  14. Sorry guys forgot to mention that. I'm in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  15. We won't hold that against you ;)