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Netrider newbie - scooter to commuter conversion

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by guerre64, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Howdy everyone!

    Just joined today and hoping I'll get a lot of good info from the site.

    Firstly, yes, at the moment I am a scooter rider - it's a Honda PCX150 which is pretty cool for my daily commute from Altona North to Docklands. It's the second two-wheeler I've owned - had an Aprilia Leonardo 150 back in 2005-06, which got written off when I was collected by a 1 ton ute driver in Richmond early one morning. Only 3 fractured ribs and some leg gouges to show for it thankfully, but the Ferrari red Aprilia with tan leather seat was DOA :-(

    Anyway, I'm moving to country Victoria within the next year and will need to commute around 45-60 minutes each day and am researching my best options for doing so as the poor little PCX just won't cut it, unless I'm riding it to the railway station to catch a V/Line train :p

    Seriously though, any advice on the best long distance, regular, comfortable, commuter bike, would be much appreciated - budget up to say $15k, but the less the better.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Welcome Phil, I am sure others will be along soon with their recomendations. Do you have a full license?
  3. Yes I do!
  4. If you are up country then some off road riding may be fun so something duel capable. V-Strom 650 perhaps, capable relatively cheap, etc.
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  5. Welcome to NR. Have lots of fun choosing your next ride. :happy:
  6. 2nd hand v-rod / night rod
  7. G'day PhilPhil and welcome to NR. I second ChrisChris' suggestion of a Suzuki V-Strom DL650 (or the DL1000) as a capable commuter that can also comfortably take you touring and along unsealed country roads - they are excellent value for money.
  8. Howdy & Welcome to NR Phil, good luck in your search for a new bike.
  9. $15k? Will buy just about anything. S1000RR?? :)
  10. Hey everyone, thanks for the really warm welcome - much appreciated, as is the great advice on potential bikes for my future commute. Lots of fun research to do :)

    Thanks again.
  11. It's a bit like asking a drug addict what his favourite drug is really.

    When commuting, do you need to carry round bulky, heavy items? Panniers good for that so get a bike that looks good with them fitted on. (I assume your scooter did not have panniers?)

    Also decide what other types of riding you think you might enjoy- will this include some off-road or dirt road exploring or weekend camping trips? Your bike choice will determine how easy this will be.

    You have a very reasonable budget that opens up many choices so good luck with the hunt. They say the bike chooses the rider so buy the one that pulls at your heart strings.
  12. welcome aboard :] best advice make a list check it twice find out which ones are naughty which ones are nice
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  13. Honda CB500x. Cheap brand new and even cheaper 2nd hand ;) Lot's of mods and bits and pieces available for them. Handle well on just about any terrain and they look good :)
  14. Welcome to NR..

    A lot of good suggestions here. First thing is to make a list and the try them all out.

    :) best of luck for bike shopping.
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  15. When I looked at bikes as a learner my process was:
    1. Magazines (you have to like the look of it).
    2. Sit on your chosen few in the shop.
    3. Ask forums about the comfortable ones.
    4. Haggle furiously.
    5. Ride away happily.
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