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Netrider newbie from the NSW sticks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by holmesie, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. G'day all, I'm from a small town called Canowindra in Central Western NSW.

    Found this site while trolling for info on my latest purchase. Just gave up my Yamaha YZF600R for an XTZ660 Tenere - strange move you might think, but I found the YZF was just too impractical around here and it wasn't getting the use it deserved :( Prior to the YZF I had a Honda XLV750 so I guess I've come a full circle - the things you do hey?

    Would like to chat with other Tenere owners (if there are any on here!!)

    See you on the road!


  2. Hey Holmsie, welcome to Netrider.

    Do you have anything to do with the balloon madness that goes on out there?

    I guess a multi-purpose bike is a good move in your area. I don't know of anyone who has a Tenere, but lots of Netriders ride M/P bikes.
  3. G'day, mate. Welcome to NR. :beer:

    I've been through Canowindra. I think it was on the way to Adelaide. Can't quite recall.
  4. Welcome mate,
    The xtz is a pretty versatile machine.

    Whats strange is I have had all three bikes you have had :wink:

    I had the old XLV 750 and an old Transalp I just sold.
    I had a 94 YZF600, and a 96 XTZ660
  5. Thanks for the welcome fellas!! I think I'll enjoy hanging around here

    I'm not a balloonist, but living here you get to know a few (mostly they are all hot-air :p )

    No roads end here, but we're on the way to many places

    That is quite the coincidence - my YZF was a '94 model too, man I will miss that bike, but change is good right? The XLV was a real Trooper but was getting a little long-in-the-tooth

    Cheers Holmesie
  6. Know a couple of blokes a bit like that from Canowindra. Actually I'll be cathing up with one (hopefully) this weekend at a 60th in Grenfell. :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome holmsie.
  7. welcome to NR mate.
    I have sealed a great portion of your town, and cowra, and gooloogong and all the roads between!
    im actually working on MR78 (Olympic Hwy) between young and cowra now!
    watch out for loose stones ;)
  8. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  9. Don't think it strange at all :cool:

    Don't remember any Tenere owners here, but a couple of dual sports.

    Welcome and enjoy the Tenere
  10. Hi holmesie :)

    Man you are so lucky! I can't wait to move to the country.
    Get away from horrid city-ness!!!!

    And yes, I realise if I go country, I will have to buy a more practical bike...

    Anywho, welcome, and have a good one :)

  11. thanks for the welcome folks! already making the most of the new toy, just chasing a rack for my Rjays bag and I can go further afield :grin:

  12. PS - some pics :)

  13. is that, by chance, the storm that smashed us poor roadworkers on friday arvo ?? :mad: i got absolutely soaked!
    good to see you guys finally getting some of the wet stuff though...even if only little bits at a time :)
  14. yeah, thats the one Joel, but we only ended up with a measly 23mm, reports of up to 70mm around the place though :?

    how long are you working on the MR78 for?

  15. got quite a bit to do there, main street of koorawatha, a few rubber portions on cowra-grenfell rd etc. etc.
    this week we are back on the east coast, but will be venturing out that way the following week, if you come across a sealing mob, as the lollipop dude if the bosses name is joel, if so, come on down. always good to meet an NR, shows we arent just bots!
  16. Will do mate :cool: