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Netrider Newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zxkid, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    My name is Bradley. Joined netrider to have a look around! I currently own a 2013 zx10r with a few mods, she's an absolute beast! But due to the temptation to be silly and how easy it is to get into trouble. I'm possibly considering passing her on to get into the trail/adventure type riding where I can still have fun but at lower speeds! The zx was my dream bike and I love it but I've already been in trouble and tyres/fuel and fines add up very quickly.... I've been doing a fair amount of research into the drz400e which seem to be an affordable and easy to maintain bike. I hope to source out places to ride and overnight adventures once I decide to keep or sell the green machine!

  2. Oh and if anyone wants to know any info about zx10s I can talk your ear off haha... !
  3. Hi Bradley,

    Welcome to the forum. There are a few other ZX10 owners on the site, they are a great looking bike. Where abouts are you based?
  4. Hi cjvfr.
    Cool! They go hard that's for sure...

    I'm in Brisbane, Queensland.
  5. Welcome aboard :]
  6. G'day Bradley, welcome to the site. It'll be a big change going from the ZX to an adventure bike, but at least you'll still get a buzz when you're out and about
  7. Howdy Bradley & Welcome to NR!