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Netrider Name Badges

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. OK folks,

    There has been some interest in name badges (again) so I'm going to put my faith in you lot and go ahead with these.

    Firstly we need to decide on a colour,

    Gold I hear you all say, excellent, Gold it is.
    Text colour, what? Black? Ok sure, who am I to argue.
    Magnetic fixture, yup, no worries
    Acrylic Doming, yeah, why not.

    So now that all the decision making is out of the way, we'll get them with the NR logo on the left side and you can have either your name or NIC on them on the right.

    Sweet, I love it when things just come together.

    Ok, now you need to go to the Merchandise page and order them.
    They are $15 each

    Thanks for that folks, business doing pleasure with you :LOL:


  2. Okay, obviously I missed the discussion portion of this. Are these for wearing to events and coffee nights or something?
  3. For anywhere that you want to display your NIC/NAME really. Probably wont get many funny looks if you just stick to wearing it at coffee nights, go-kart nights, when we win the Icicle Ride trophy etc etc :grin:
  4. Vic, when we order them do we have to send you a PM to say what we want name we want on them??

    I'd probably go with similar to that example pic... name at the top and nic on the bottom?!
  5. I'm a fan of polo shirts with our name/nic stitched on too... no idea how that works with costing etc

    but, magnetic fixture? instead of a pin? it's a magnet?
  6. connect it to piercings... :p
  7. I'd like to second that - name at the top, nick at the bottom. :)
  8. Fireblade i could have it on my chest... on either side... for all those naked coffee runs that netrider organises
  9. It's like a stud pin badge. You know those ones with the little round bit that goes onto the back of a pin, like a stud earing???

    Well these are similar. The back of the badge will be metal and they provide you with a magnet backing. You put the magnet backing inside your shirt and the badge on the outside. The magnet back, then sticks to the back of the badge, wedging your shirt between.

    Simple :)
  10. Yeah mate, spot on.

    You place the order and then tell me what you want on the badge and quote your order number that the server gives you.

    Easy peezy.....
  11. that makes two of us Sam :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  12. Looked into that, they want to charge you a "digitising" fee each time. Some are as high as $80 a throw. Makes for an expensive Polo.
  13. Troy might be interested in a custom made leather jacket with-> CRUISER BOY desplayed on the back :LOL: :LOL:
  14. why not....
    ill have one made for me..
    oh sorry why didnt u come that day kinky...???
    oh thats right u are not allowed to ride bigger bikes legally hahaha :LOL:
  15. I might stick it on my forehead do you think people will see it there?, maybe have to ride without the helmet so it is visable.
  16. actually i was working my ass of at the epworth that day mate :wink: i hope to never see u in there either bro :wink:
  17. lol if i was on the cruiser.... ill be runnin the cager of the road
    just need to grow a beard now
    :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Awwww but I wellie wellie want it on my forehead it will match my eyes.
  19. one of them handle bar moustache's is acceptable.....
    Like paul senior from "american chopper"..hmm what a hotty :p
  20. YE, have you got massive boobs?