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Netrider Myspace Group

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Ok, we all know how cool Myspace is (if you think otherwise, GET WITH THE TIMES, MAN!)

    So I've created a Myspace NR Group so we cool myspacers can join it and get everyone on their Myspace list :D

    (well.. it's easier than making a thread and saying "add me on myspace, and post yours!")

    Added benefit, it's open for anyone to join, and all of you can add bulletins and photos and what not, so you can keep us informed via there or add every member to your myspace and have more bike enthusiasts on your list :D

    Go us, here it is - http://groups.myspace.com/netridergroup
    (It's a work in progress, don't laugh, just join!)

  2. i presume you haven't got a myspace, sonja? :p
  3. Nope. Don't want one, either.

    I tend to avoid things that are "instant hits" like Myspace and iPods. Okay, so "avoid" is more like "instantly hate because they're popular". Carry over from school, I guess.
  4. Well, why not shit all over somebody's idea then? That sounds like a good thing to do.

  5. nah thats a crap idea

    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. LMAO!!!
    matt haven't you got a pic where you aren't waiting to get into the dunny?
  7. how did you know i was waiting for the toilet!? lol
  8. I too have succumbed to the myspace bug.
    I bagged my best mate out for ages about it cause he's the type to always meet sluts off the net and I saw it as just another one of his hookup sites.
    I've actually got in touch with a lot of people I went to school with and other friends that I haven't seen in years, including a few that are living overseas now.
    +1 for myspace.
    Ever thought about it like that sonja?
    It's not just for posers and lovo's to tell each other how sik they are you know :)
  9. *buys sonja a yoyo*
  10. There was no shitting done...just an opinion offered, which MattyB queries and the opinion extropolated.

    I'll add my own opinion which is much the same as Sonja's....however hate might be a too strong a word.........10 foot barge pole will be sufficient.

    I've lost count, does that make the point and counter point even now?
  11. I prefer live journal ;)

  12. Yeah, i searched for people who went to my school and found out a girl now works at spearmint rhino in melb ( Strip club )

    I sent her a msg asking what nights she works, but alas i never got around to getting my lap dance.
  13. :eek:
    no way!!!
  14. Is it my technological blind spot?? Where's the netrider aspect to the linked myspace page???

    Gotta log in I guess??

    Before I join ANOTHER place on the web and expose myself to incessant spamming... will it be worth it?!?!
  15. Instigator:

    I have other ways of keeping contact with people.


    Ever thought of that? :grin:
  16. darn... got me another stalker :p
  17. Pardon my ignorance...my grey hairs must be showing :oops:
    Umm, isn't this just like that little book with the lock that I used to keep hidden under my pillow...and no one knew I had it hidden there :LOL:
  18. Booga has already started a Netrider group on myspace, can be found here

    and yes you must be signed up and logged in to be able to join this group