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Netrider MotoGP 2008 Tipping Comp. !!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. wooo hhooo !

    Oztips replied to my email !!

    Comp No. 130116
    Password. stoner

    Lets do it guys and gals !!

    I asked them to do a SBK one, but they ran out of time !! . . . mofos !
  2. How does it work, Micky?
  3. +1

    Do we all just pick stoner every race and share the spoils?
  4. just sign up !
    Read through the competition rules.

    I'll post up later, busy at work at the moment.
  5. good work micky. ive joined up. im willing to have a go this year :)

  6. okay, you listening Rog ??
    . . . put down that Pinot Nior !! :LOL:

    Each Championship round you get to pick from the following;

    1. Pole Position
    2. Race Winner
    3. Top two teams
    4. Top 5 riders

    Points allocation is as follows;

    1. 3 points for correctly tipping the Pole sitter. (i figure this will be a simple tip, thus low point allocation)
    2. 5 points for correctly tipping the race winner.
    3. 5 points for correctly tipping the top two teams.
    4. 10 points for getting the top 5 riders in any order.

    Also there is a championship bonus for the end of the season, just read the competition rules.

    Don't take notice of the prize stated, that will be changed some time in the future . . . unless you are that way inclined ! LOL :LOL:
    Maybe a prize giving ceremony at the end of year dinner.

  7. Thanx Micky.
  8. G'day micky. Thanks for organising a great tipping comp... Hope you don't mind that I joined up. The problem is I then spent 30 minutes agonising over the first round! It's gonna keep me awake at night! Thanks again.
  9. I vote that VTRElmarco will win the tipping comp
  10. Why is that ?
  11. oh this looks like fun....just signed up too
  12. Nice work Micky, I'm in!! :cool:

    signed up and ready to give it a crack, never been in a MotoGP tipping comp before...
  13. Damn it... NOOOO...

    Forgot to put my tips in, just went online and it was closed for this week :facepalm:

    I know this doesn't count but my tips are...

    1: Stoner for pole (big shock there)
    2: Stoner for race win (another huge shock)
    3: Marlboro Ducati and Fiat Yamaha top 2 teams
    4: Top 5 riders

    i) Stoner
    ii) Lorenzo
    iii) Rossi
    iv) Toseland
    v) Dovizioso

    Spewing I didn't get my tips in... grrr stupid swimming pool ](*,)
  14. Very interested to see how Westy goes seeing how he isn't looking forward to the icy conditions on the track at night in Qatar and he's not happy with how his kwaka is performing... :-k

    Damn it just realised there's bonus points that can only be earned in race 1 :facepalm:
  15. no way, TipSlinger is the hot favorite 8-[ :-w
  16. early days Aaron !
    later starters will get average points
    . . . and Rossi might choke again this year ! :eek:
  17. the thing rossi chokes on, is his poor excuses.
  18. I thought you were going to say Uccio :LOL:
  19. i have no doubt that he and uccio have played choking games before :grin:
  20. $hite... Lorenzo takes pole in his first MotoGP qualifying session :shock:

    I knew the kid was going to be quick after his practice sessions but to take pole :applause:

    now looking forward to post race antics :cheeky: