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Netrider Moto-GP tipping comp.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. I am aware that there is an existing comp, but if there is enough interest, I will run one here, starting next season. It is simple enough to do.
    I will also provide a prize or 3.
    Winner gets to have a beer with me.
    2nd place gets to have 2 beers with me.
    Last place gets to share a slab with me.

    What are your thoughts, if any?

    We could have a dry run for the rest of this season, if I get enough interest.
  2. yeah i would be interested, though unlike the one this year you need the cut off line to be before practice starts, not after practice.

    Count me in though :)
  3. You could be right, Stewy. That's why i was thinking about using the rest of this Season as a "dry run"
    Nonetheless, the rules would apply equally to everyone.
    You just wanna come last, doncha mate, so you can get on the turps with me again.
  4. count me in man!
  5. Yer I'm In.

    I'd be more than happy to have a beer with you, just don't tell mum or dad :) :LOL:
  6. No worries Paul. your secrets are safe in cyberspace.
  7. Count me in. Though I would prefer something other than a beer with you.
  8. Garfield, if you win, we can share a bag of kittylitter. It would be fun to scratch around in that stuff, for 10 minutes or so.
  9. i'll be in on it. howz about a trial run this week for laguna..
    1. stoner
    2. hayden
    3. vermin

    that' if the track holds together i remember complaints from last year about the surface - vermin always does good at laguna and hayden is due a podium if his honda crew remember to fill up his tank... stoner is the man at the mo though
  10. I'm in Rog
  11. I'll play too.

  12. yeah this current tipping that is running, is setup so that after practice you put in your tips, my problem lays thats i generally don't have access to practice results and am either taking a guess before practice starts or miss getting my tips in on chancing i can get access and time to do it.

    farking oath.....but lets not wait till the end of next years motogp session before we get out on the turps again :wink:
  13. stewy, I'll have a session with you, any time that we can manage it.
    My thoughts are that we have to allow tips to be submitted, after final practice/ qualifying, cos that gives everyone an idea who is on the pace, and who isn't. I will draft up some simple rules, for the rest of this year, with a view towards the gp after laguna. We only have a few takers so far, but it will grow over the next week or so.
    Curiously, I am getting plenty of interest in the piss-up side of things, so i won't have to finetune the prize component all that much, will I
    Thanks for the support so far. this should be fun.
  14. I'll be in this, we'll have to have a cyber-piss up but I won't win anyway
  15. Anyone who comes from a place called "grange" would have to be a drinker, not a cyber drinker.
  16. um ok I don't get it? Yeah i'm a drinker but i'm like 800 something k's from Vic
  17. You don't get it. ok, there is a wine from SA called grange.
    800ks is a 2 hour ride on your bike.
  18. ahh yes. If it were a nice scotch I might have got it! Nah more like 1.5
  19. We will expect you then.
  20. Tips in after qualifiying? I'm not sure it's a good idea. I'll be in it though, when I can remember to put my f#cking tips in!