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Netrider member taking on Youtube

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by matt232, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. One of our members gecko and a mate of mine got a write up in the age today.

    Story here
  2. Nice!! :applause:

    Pass on best wishes for the boys! It's always good to see Australians having a go at making an impact on the international business market...

    Good on 'em! :dance:
  3. good on'em, and good luck :wink:
  4. I do wish the you guys good luck (which comes with hard work).. but I don't see how its going to work .. I'm not going to pay even 25c for 10mins of someone rambling on about vegimite or teaching their dog to sit... especially if I have no idea if its even worth my 10mins of time in the first place.

    The real source of the income has to be generated by users watching the clips for free, but then the advertising click through numbers they generate, so the income for the producers actually comes out of the providers / advertisers pocket.
  5. "The trio's new start-up company, Si-Mi (pronounced "see me"), is essentially an online marketplace in which anyone can upload digital media they have created - such as videos, music, podcasts, images and games - for others to buy.

    Uploaders are able to set their own prices, and receive 90 per cent of all revenue generated "after cost", Geddes said."

    Lost me already
    no way I'm paying for lots of crap.
    Show it for free and get advertising kudos like google video is now doing.
    Popular vids on youtube/google will receive more advertising reveue for the video owners and everyone else will watch it for free.
    Sorry matty this is not a good business investment.
  6. cheers, thanks for the wishes.
    Quite rightly you'd have a hard time justifying paying for most stuff on youTube but have you ever rented a video, paid for a movie, dvd, song etc? That is, you pay for quality stuff with higher production values. We're looking to be somewhere between the youTubes and Hollywood. i.e. decent quality content made by artists who dont have a label, want to sell direct, have no other avenue to sell it or want the majority of share of sales. Such as film festival stuff, indie musicians, freelance photographers etc.
    The advertising model works to some extent and this different (it's just a digital marketplace) approach may also work. Anyway, it is a bit more transparent and fairer for the people who write and own the media without 'maybe' getting a tiny fraction of the large $$ youTube are making.
  7. I just went to Si-Mi to have a look at it, and it's all laid out nicely and professionaly, then i look at the comments of the first image i clicked, and it was "I have just noticed this shot - it is magificent! Have you got any p0rn?"

    I laughed my arse off.
  8. Yes I have .. but if something is in a video/DVD/CD store I have an understanding the someone has spent time and money producing the product, its a different marketplace to the internet, where any git can tape themselves and put it out there for next to nothing.
  9. There seems to be a misconception here, as I understand it while hosting videos made by said git, they aren't seeking those. Rather they are looking to host content that has strong production values and offer those productions a chance to reach a wider audience.
  10. I think it's a great idea. Sure any git could put up any old crap, but just like in a real marketplace, you don't have to buy it if you think it's shit. People will only pay for the good stuff. The gits will soon learn that they're wasting their time.

    PS, love the word 'Git', there should be more of it :grin:
  11. Hmm, might have to put some of my better photos on there
  12. Go for it guys, how do you see the new Telstra service that has a similair revenue share model? [url]www.wotnext.com.au

    Oh and a simple paragraph/description on what the clips are might help as well.

    But hey everyone knocked Google, Firefox, Yahoo, Ebay, Ford etc etc when they started. [/url]
  13. I don't recall google charging people to look up stuff
    I don't recall firefox charging for their web browser
    I don't recall Yahoo charging for email looking up stuff.
    Ford make consumables so expect to pay
    ebay provide a auction service so expect to be charged.
    you tube don't charge for films and I'll be buggered if I was gonna pay for "experimental" videos and as for TELSTRA I can't believe you mentioned them for anything decent or good.
  14. Smee, get your facts right before you get angry.

    Youtube/google video will let you stream a video. You can watch it over and over again if you like, but you CAN'T save it to you hard drive. Si-Mi lets you download said video for a nominal charge, to put on your ipod, burn to CD whatever you want. That's the difference. Hell they even give you 30 seconds of it free to decide whether it's any good.

    If you don't liek it, don't go to their website. But you don't have shoot them down...

    Chill Winston... (where's the doobie smoking smiley when tou need it??)

    One question for the SiMi guys if you're still paying attention, do you compress the bejesus out of uploaded films like Youtube??
  15. Yes, you can ..

    From www.youtubeX.com

    How do I save YouTube Videos?
    - Browse for the videos at YouTube.com
    - Copy and Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the form above.
    - Click "DOWNLOAD" to save the YouTube file to your PC.
    - Rename the YouTube file with a .flv extension if necessary.
  16. Actually you are wrong on all counts but I won't hold that against you.
  17. PFFT typical narrow minded people. :twisted:
  18. Hey tim have you got a solution for downloading google vids?
  19. yep ... http://www.videodl.org/

    Google is your friend!!!