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Netrider Member Special FULL GUANTLET GLOVES for XMAS

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Okay

    Here is a special for paid up members of netrider just in time for xmas

    I AM EXTENDING THIS OFFER TO ANY REGISTERED NETRIDER PEOPLE AS WELL I hope it may convince you that $10 membership is a good idea for future specials

    good for doing what Goz does with them while sitting on the throne - also good for those times you need to biatch slap someone and they are known to protect your hands in the event of a motorcycle mishap

    Gloves as per this thread for full info


    and this thread


    $80 delivered per pair ( standard postal delivery ) - this is not negotiable because any less and I will be working at a loss

    I have limited numbers/sizes so best in best dressed

    I want them moved to make room for a R1 so I can get back to riding some

    you can pay for them by paypal account is admin@takamii.com.au please state your forum name then your real name and delivery address and phone number as well as size and colour choice

    if by the time you have ordered I have run out of the gloves ou choose I will refund your money back to you 100% - I am known for my integrity so you have no worries there.

    I will update this thread with stock numbers as they sell

    Black and White -

    2XL = 3 Pairs
    XL = 8 pairs
    L= 11 pairs



    2XL = 5 pairs
    XL= 12 pairs
    L = 7 pairs


    LOVE SIZING INSTRUCTIONS: Using your right hand, place a tape measure under your palm and measure from the knuckle of your forefinger to the knuckle of your pinkie finger. Note the measurement and compare it to the chart below
    Measurement Alpha Size Numeric Size

    3 1/8" - 3 5/8" MD 9
    3 5/8" - 4 1/8" LG 10
    4 1/8" - 4 5/8" XL 11
    4 5/8" - 5 1/8" 2XL 12
    IN metric it is as follows

    80mm - 92 mm MD 9
    92mm- 105mm LG 10
    105mm - 117mm XL 11
    117mm- 128mm 2XL 12

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  2. On your next batch order me a xl red one please if you can get one in that colour.
  3. Put me down for a white 1, 2xl
  4. OKAY - your name on a pair of b/w in 2xl
  5. Do these come in ladies XXS?
  6. only sizes listed in original post
  7. Im keen on a black pair ML, measurement of my hand pending... (will do it when i get home). Suspect 2XL though...
  8. Oh sorry, I didn't see that!
  9. Hey ML, got a diagram for where you measure from and to?
    Im measuring from my 'knuckle' as i would understand that to mean, and its a gigantic 150mm... dont think my hand is that big?
  10. Do it this way

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  11. Just ordered mine ... 1 x Black L (size 10).
    Looking forward to receiving your awesome product Motolegion, and thanks for the great Xmas offer !
    Merry Christmas to you !
  12. Thanks ML ill do that in a sec. Im used to measuring around the hand and the length of the hand ;).
    Thats why it was so long, i measured from the top of the knuckles :D.

  13. u must have small hands then
  14. Went by the same size as my A* GP Plus gloves dude. I don't have small hands by any means, but I did notice my A* did stretch with time, resulting in a snug nice fit.
    After checking in with MotoLegend, I was advised the sizing/fit is identical.
    Trial and error mate, though it sounds as though I'm right bang, smack on borderline between L and XL.. oh well, time to wait and see.
  15. Your size is the same as mine --- right on the border between L and XL

    I prefer wearing the L because of the snug fit and stretching of leather means it moulds to my hand
  16. damn, i got big wog hands then
  17. Damn 116ml, right on the border of the next size up too :p.
    Would be wise of me to go the XL yes?

    edit: erm, second measure 120ml... ill do it a couple more times to be sure...
    edit 2: damnit, i hate being borderline :p. 117 117 118 116 120...
    edit3: 122... its so borderline ill try the 2xl... sending email and bucks ML ;).
  18. NO worries Gents

    all orders and payments have been received - Items have been put to one side for postage on monday to your

    thank you for your patronage and support
  19. Get a size bigger mr messy so in winter when it gets cold you could wear inner gloves underneath.
  20. Yeah mate, gone with the 2XL ;).
    Cheers ML, will be sure to review for ya ;).