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Netrider member discount with Western QBE

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Netrider are pleased to announce that they have negotiated with Western QBE to include Netrider members in their Club Member discount program. Netrider members are now entitled to an additional 5% discount on any Comprehensive motorcycle insurance; including Named Rider & Good Rider products.

    Western QBE has been specialising in insuring Aussie Riders for more than 40 years.You can choose between Agreed & Market value and pay annually or monthly. There are further discounts for reduced usage & low usage.

    Standard benefits include riding apparel & helmet cover for the rider & pillion, replacement bike in the first 2 years, life time guarantee on repairs, trailer cover, keys & locks cover, travelling expenses, emergency accommodation, and a hire vehicle following a theft.

    Western QBE is also heavily involved in promoting motorcycle events; including the Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne Motorcycle Expos, the Moto GP, the Superbikes and Moto Mayhem; with plenty more in the pipeline

    And Remember Western QBE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE - GUARANTEED ! *

    * Conditions apply see http://www.motorcycle-insurance.com.au/guarantee.html

    Click here for a quote or call 1300 762 885
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  2. ooh, nice :)

    Does this apply to existing policies?
  3. That was going to me my question: Is it retropective?

    Probably should ask them I guess.
  4. People make sure you read your policy well. The wQBE not at fault excess part specifically.
  5. +1
  6. Actually Port, as I think I said in your accident thread, the Product Disclosure Statement doesn't really clarify the "No fault" issue, as it simply says that you "may" have to pay any of a list of excesses.

    I also advised then that I rang them, and confirmed that if I was not at fault, and could provide details that identified the at fault party, I would not have to pay any excess, or it would be refunded to me.

    Of course, that phone conversation is worth the paper it is written on, but that is standard practice for insurance companies.
  7. Care to elaborate?
  8. I don't wish to hijack the thread, or undo the good work the guys have done to secure a deal for others. Search all terms for port's bingle and you will find out what happened.
  9. Good point. I would think it certainly would when renewal is due, you'd just have to ring them and ask them to apply it to your policy details.