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Netrider Logo on display in Wauchope

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rogues, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Had to do a double take...... went up past the lil' Wauchope Motel in the middle of Wauchope and theres' this banner planted on the front boundary.......

    the Netrider Logo, or something extremely similar... with the word Welcome

    I know the previous owner did cater to bikers so... good to see ;)
  2. You need to know the secret hand shake to get the netrider discount though.
  3. ... and only Premium Members get it, lurkers pay full price :LOL:
  4. There is an initiation ceremony involving a goat, melted butter and a pole to become a mod, which is why most mods are grumpy.
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  5. Hey, I didn't get my goat. ;)
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  6. Sounds delicious!
  7. I read it as:
    and thought "geez, I'd be grumpy too!" :D
  8. But, the goat got you! :p
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  9. The mods can go (to) Far Kew too, (and get themselves a beer or two). :hilarious: