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VIC Netrider Lic Plate

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by aussieak, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Free to a good home
    1 x Netrider Lic Plate trim with logo.
    Came of my old bike. I like what the dealer has done with new bike so this can go to a nice home.


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  2. hmmm do I want to be associated with you guys...thinking thinking
  3. actully my bike colours represents Netrider pretty well. Mainly white with red and black highlights.
  4. eh bugger it i'll transfer $10 to your account to post it if your willing to
  5. Took mine off too - it clashed! Can't have that.
  6. I can do that if you wish
  7. It's gone. Happy netrider from NSW picked it up. Feel free to close thread
  8. GreyDog and AK - why you no more represent?

    **Actually been thinking of taking mine off for a while too......with the thumping twin the surround buzzes at idle.....annoying**
  9. I scribbled on mine with a black marker pen and sold it on eBay for $250 'Rare Casey Stoner signed number plate surround'
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  10. 'Cause I've now got a surround with built in rego holder... in black to match the bike.
  11. If you can hear the rattle obviously your exhaust isn't loud enough. :p
  12. I represent on the inside. I also like the platic plate cover that came with my bike.

    You know I was going to do that as well then I CBF. I must be getting old
  13. LOL - maybe :D

    I'll get the Akrapovics soon enough.....just a bit $$$
  14. I think we have the same tastes

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  15. Ooooh - that looks lovely....

    do it, do it, do it, do it.....:)

    At least this time the Arrow's aren't even a contender (y)
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  16. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or would I need to buy it blank and do it myself? :-O
  17. MadMarty organised the last batch

    DROID-Tablet talkin
  18. I think my brother might have taken his off, ill ask him...If not, I haven't put mine on the new bike yet, if I don't like it, you can have that.
  19. Thank you, I'll pay you cashmoney if you do end up not liking it or if your brother is willing to let it go. :)

    No worries mate, I'll get it in touch with him if Quivorir falls through. :p
  20. These things would be super popular with inverted colours...
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