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Netrider leaps to #3 ranked website in Australia

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. It is with great pride, that we announce that Netrider has leapfrogged to the position of #3 ranked website in Australia, according to Hitwise.

    From April - June, 2008, netrider.net.au was ranked #3 in the Hitwise Australia 'Automotive - Motorcycling' industry based on monthly average market share. This ranking relates to Australian based users visiting Australian websites.

    After nipping at the heals of mcnews for many months in the #4 ranking, we have overtaken them to take on the #3 ranking. Netrider will now set it's sights on the very close #2 position currently being held by bikepoint.

    This award, and our jump in position to #3 ranking, is a huge benefit for our supporting advertisers who recognise the value for money and huge exposure that Netrider gives them.

    Each quarter, Hitwise, the world's leading online competitive intelligence service recognizes the Top Ten websites across each industry they monitor, with a Top Ten award!

    Netrider delivers over 23 million hits per month to Australian users. We take this time to give thanks to our user community for their patronage, and will continue to meet their needs and deliver and outstanding motorcycling online experience and community.
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  2. Thats AWESOME Jason!! CONGRATS to You, Vic & the rest of us netrider whores :p

    PS: I am NOT surprised :wink:
  3. can i take sum credit? i would like to thank myself for jumping on to the site ever 1.472 seconds, making a huge contirbution to the "hits". LOL, Just joking.
    Every one needs a pat on the back for their contributions, and a big thanx to the admins and mederators and whoever else keeps the site in nik !!
  4. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Thank you....Thank you very much

  5. :dance: :applause: :applause: \:D/

    congrats guys. well done to all who have input to the setup and running of the site. and of course to the people who use this site :) yay for us :p lol

    as my primary school motto goes....

    Onwards and Upwards
  6. :woot:

    hey Jason, is there a link anywhere, or can you chuck up some of the figures?
    i.e. what did we jump from to score #3, what are we chasing for #2? im assuming bikesales in #1 is a far way out of range atm...?

    good work :)
  7. Awesome work!
  8. That's a very impressive result, well done guys :)
  9. Well done.

    Anyone know whos 1st and 2nd? probably Redtube.com or similar i presume.

  10. There are others that are heaps higher than Netrider.

    But in the MOTORCYCLING category, we are 3rd :p

    1st is Bikesales
    2nd is Bikepoint
    3rd Netrider
    4th MCnews
    and I cant be bothered typing the others that I know of :p

    We are not all that far behind bikepoint.
    When we manage to knock it off the 2nd step of the podium, I think we'll celebrate :grin:
  11. 1st is Bikesales
    2nd is Bikepoint
    3rd Netrider
    4th MCnews

    MCnews hey? Never heard of it, might have to start spending some time there! :p :p
  12. Link: < here >

    Figures: You get those when you can cough up the $$$ subscription fee.

  13. ooh look, two sites with classifieds open to everyone are ahead of us..... :-w


    Seriously though, congrats guys, I can imagine how proud you must be. :applause: :applause: :applause:
  14. Got on to the site actually trying to find a bike to buy so maybe that could get even more traffic?
    Congratulations and hope the growth continues
  15. Well Done.

    Netrider is a very popular site, I'm just really glad I joined up. Thanks for the Forums.
  16. Yeah we are pretty proud of the fact.

    However, We can only thank the users, they are the ones that make it popular.
  17. Did anyone think to thank Hornet for this?
  18. police hits must be worth 3 or something :LOL: