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Netrider Lanyards are here

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    They have arrived and I must say (I'm biased though) they look terrific.

    But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself

  2. Very nice, finally somewhere handy to put my id & access card :grin:
  3. cool, now if only i could convince the security contingent at work that they ARE SO standard guvvie issue id holder thingamies..... :(
  4. very cool... but my ortofon one's still going strong
  5. nice one... how much?
  6. I want one... look forward to ordering one when they appear in the merchandising page!

  7. Just what I've been waiting for.
  8. The lanyards are restricted to members only.

    At this stage it is too much mucking around to try and code the mech page to restrict it to members only, the new CMS wil make that sort of stuff simple.

    At this stage, any member that wishes to order one can do so by sending me an email vic@ and I'll put one of them in an envelope for them once they have transfered $5 into our account.

    New members of course get them automagically :)
  9. Am sure I could find a use for one :wink:
  10. Vic:
    I post the cheque on Monday and hope you have received it. When I fill in the membership form, there nowhere to ask for my existing user name so how can I link the membership to my current user name? Thanks.
  11. Yay just in time with my membership!
  12. At the 3rd stroke, it will be 12.12 and 40 seconds precisely.



  13. Why the server is using GMT+11, rather then GMT+10?
  14. I've searched, where are the bank acct details?
  15. Read it properly grasshopper, members need to email me their order first then I'll give them the bank details :p
  16. Vic, I have just recently got my membership card as I am a new member. Does that mean that I will be sen one of these lanyards or do I have to make the purchase for it?
  17. Then you are an old member :p

    You will need to order one to be sent out.

    Only new registrations get one automagically :)
  18. no, paul is an old member :p :LOL:
  19. Vic:

    I received my new membership card yesterday. How come there is no one of this in my new member package? Thanks.
  20. Taaaa :) I gots me lanyard!