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Netrider Ladies Day

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Q3Arena, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Looks like all the usual suspects turned up ;)

    Netrider ladies club.

  2. And rotate you cheeky article! :finger:
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  3. In your dreams ;-)
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  4. :ROFLMAO:

    Granny Bird.
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  5. What the guys on NR think they look like

    Closer to the truth
    NR male riders.
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  6. It's more like this .....

    Netrider old mens club small.

    (Still riding bikes though so all good!)
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  7. Sometimes when I'm getting ready for a ride I go outside to check the weather so I can decide which jacket to wear ;)

    Buff Biker.
  8. Who bloody cares which jacket?!!
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  9. Those clouds look ominous, better change into my wets.

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  10. I wish he would really ride naked whoops I mean a naked bike that ummm is...
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  11. hyperspexhyperspex, here I was thinking I was dyslexic as I kept reading your username "Hypersex"
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  12. Is this close enough?

    Naked bike rider.
  13. Na a bit too ripped for my tastes but hey what would I know anymore.
    I'm old and well and truly past my best before date :p
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  14. Hyper you told me that you'd never show anyone that picture of me!! :)
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  15. Yeah you gotta put the P in.

    (I don't even know what that means, it just sounds vaguely dirty.)
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  16. I'd be guessing by all the lumps on his back that the steroids have shrunk his junk.
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  17. I'm not sure what he rides, but I seriously doubt it would be that Fireblade
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  18. Doesn't the tattoo on his arm say "Fireblade King" in Japanese??
  19. I reckon there's more oil on his back than in the bike.
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  20. I read "Fireblade Queen", that might be his stage name. But my Japanese is a tad rusty...
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