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Netrider joins ninemsn family

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mouth, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Vic and I wish to announce that, after careful consideration, we have accepted a substantial purchase offer from ninemsn for Netrider. As part of the deal, both Vic and I will be joining the ninemsn team to help grow ninemsn's motorcycling franchise (incl. bikepoint.com.au, AMCN, Motorcycle Trader, and now Netrider) to the largest and dominant motorcycling media (both online and print) in Australia and Sth East Asia.

    Netrider has experienced sensational growth in NSW (as shown by membership figures, and the Sydney social/coffee/rides attendance numbers), with NSW also having the highest number of registered motorcycles and the largest growth percentage in recent years. In recognition of this, both Vic and I will be moving to Sydney in the near future to join the ninemsn team's motorcycling national offices, and to further expand the ninemsn motorcycling group nationwide.

    Future plans include the creation of a leading portal for motorcycling, to bring the ninemsn stable of rider offerrings under one umbrella. In discussions and agreement with ninemsn it was critical to Vic and I that Netrider, and its' model, will remain largely as is but with many more events and offerrings to members.

    A joint press release from Netrider and ninemsn will be issued to the media on Monday.
  2. corporate whores the pair of you !!!

    go on, piss off then.........
  3. Congtralulations, to both yourself and Vic :grin:
  4. Happy April 1st :grin:

    :rofl: :rofl:
  5. WOOOW ,congrats guys .

    See you guys when you get here.
  6. you should have run with it Aus ;)
  7. Sucked in moving to Sydney :p
  8. Never mind :oops: ..
  9. The jig is up, although some people appear to be jig-blind.
  10. April Fools! How stupid are you people. Vic and Mouth money whores.......ummm maybe they are.... maybe this is all just one big government conspiricy theory....... better get the XFiles team in :D

  11. Eddir Maguire targets critics (from www.theaprilfool.com.au )

    In a surprise move, Nine boss Eddie Maguire today lodged writs against a number of outspoken critics. In a telephone interview with Two Wheel Torque, he said "If I'd known Netrider tolerated pricks like these, I'd never have paid Baldy and the Gimp. When I'm finished with them, they won't have a friend to phone."

    Documents lodged with the Supreme Court list a number of respondents, including

  12. lol look at the date people
  13. :)

    - message too short
  14. interesting though .. it may give an insight into future hopes/ wants / dreams
  15. Sucker born every minute.
  16. Yeah I know - amazing how many forgot what day it is :)
  17. Well, that WAS the plan :wink:
  18. Haha you got me for a minute there ya fcuker ;)
  19. Yeah i must say you had me going until my brain clicked into gear "wait a minute, what date is it?".

    That was a good one guys!!