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Netrider in Rapid Magazine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, May 18, 2007.

  1. So who's spotted the Netrider reference in Rapid Magazine, out 2 days ago? :)

  2. No....whats it say????
  3. That wedge will have to go buy a copy at his local newsagent :p But I can tell you that it has the URL :)
  4. What kind of shares do you own?? :LOL: Damn you and your secrets, i'll find out tommorrow :wink:
  5. Off to Borders for a free look!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. It's a media beat up.

    They just printed the URL in their weblinks section.

    Since when have people listened to mouth? :p
  7. wow, 2 netriders in Mordialloc?
  8. Who is the other?

    There are a few of them actually. Some people just don't care where they live :p
  9. Oi..I resemble that! Mordi's great...and stuff :shock: :)
  10. Yeah but you moved there coz you got a crush on Mouth :rofl:
  11. And stuff... :LOL: :LOL:

    Watch out for those drivers there though!
    Today's Age

  12. Prefer Mornington! :)

    The Coffee crowd seem all right too,,,,,!
  13. i'm in the june edition of rapid too... on pg 104. :grin:

    fyi i am wearing a leather jacket under the race replica top. :wink:
  14. Most females do at some stage or another! :grin: Fortunately I was able to shake her off and get her to marry Trenshadow instead, before she turned into a bunny boiler on me :rofl:
  15. I can see blood being spilt in Mordi when someone reads this.......

    Remember she knows where all the vital organs are hidden in the human body.
  16. yeahi saw it yesterday while flicking through my free subscription :grin:
  17. so VTRBob has a crush on you ????? :shock:
  18. Just as well. Would take her ages to find that tiny spec of an organ :rofl:
  19. Fairly sure she's on nightshift at the moment, so hopefully she'll forget before the roster changes back to dayshift :)
  20. Bet you wouldn't have said that if he was still in Vic :LOL: