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Netrider Hoodies

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    A couple of people expressed an interest in the netrider hoodie yesterday.

    These are not a stock item and are ordered in as needed.

    Those who are interested in a hoodie should order them now and I'll place an order at the end of the week.

  2. Hey Vic,

    How much will they be?? I'll definitely take one but if the price is good I might take 2 :grin:
  3. Thats why i was hoping to get some numbers first so i can get a better deal than what i get if i just order one at a time.

    They are currently $38 each
  4. Me wants, Me wants!!! :dance: :dance: :woot:

  5. Vic, do you have a pic of the hoodie? Does it have that 'across the front' pocket in it?
  6. Click the pic in the store.

    It has a full frontal zip and 2 pockets where you would normally find pockets on a hoodie.

    Or you could invite me around for a free modeling session :p
  7. [​IMG]

    they even help you attract promo girls!
  8. Oh yeah, I got one of them in the baby blue :grin:
    They are sooooooooooo warm and they aren't too bulky so they go nicely underneath the bike jacket.
  9. In that case I sooooooooooooooo better order one :grin:

    Edit: How clunky is the store! Vic, it looks like work has blocked / interfered with the transaction in going from NR store to paymate. Paymate appears to be partially blocked... so you might see a pending order in the NR store without a payment. Can I promise to front up the cash when I next see you?? I ordered a Black XL hoodie. ??

    Edit edit: I see I have received confirmation emails. I'll see whether I can do the paymate part at home later with the info in the emails.
  10. :shock: That's an awesome price, I'll take 3 :grin:

    Don't know what size Jadey and I will be coz everyone of my hoodies is sized differently... will have to take you up on the free modelling session :wink:

    I'm usually a medium but I have a small and a large hoodie (different brands) at home and they all fit about the same :?
  11. Mine is an XL and it's a pretty perfect fit. Wouldn't want it any larger or smaller.

    Oh and Deb is 100% right, they are warm without being too warm and can be worn under your bike jacket.

    Those that want one just place your order from the store and we'll get the final numbers on Friday and I'll place the order.

  12. Hey Vic, what email address to I need to plug into paymate to send you payment for the hoodie?? The email address on the netrider store confirmation email didn't work.
  13. Hey Vic,

    My order is placed for 3 Medium Black male hoodies :grin:
  14. Sending you an invoice now.

  15. Got the order mate.

    I'll phone the supplier at midday and place the order.

  16. Paid :)
  17. Saw a few members wearing these at the Blood Bank on Sunday last week.
  18. we need a comp, in the photo comp section.
    "best pic, wearing NR merchandise"
    i win, i reckon.
  19. I just recieved my hoodie. It looks the business :) Thx Vic.

    Joel you prolly have more NR gear... but if one of our stunning NR lasses was wearing and modelling their NR gear... I just don't think I could see you winning that comp mate! :grin:
  20. Hoodies are great in Summer.