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Netrider..... Here I am!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Guest, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Everybdy, Just Puting in my first Post Ever!!!! Im new to the whole forum thing.....

    Oh yeah just got my P's the other day so im pretty stoked about that too! :grin: Was Nervous as hell but a piece of cake in the end!...

  2. And there you are.

    Hello. :)
  3. Welcome to the forums Life begins @ 13000
    Congrats on passing the test too :grin:
  4. haha!, just realised what section i chucked this post in.... Hopefully i'll get better at it in the future, Hmmmm Maybe, Thanks for the welcomes!!
  5. Don't worry. It'll be fine till Mouth sees it. :)
  6. lucky i saw it first.. :)

    hey bud welcome.
  7. Welcome :grin:
  8. Welcome to the forum life begins @ 13000
  9. Welcome to the forum :)
  10. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  11. Welcome Life begins I look forward to see yo on some group rides. Enjoy.
  12. Welcome - hope you enjoy
  13. Welcome. Just got your P then I would say that your riding Life begins when you join us for the rides. :cool:
  14. Welcome! Where abouts in the south are you?

    Really nice choice on the bike, another VTR250 rider is always welcome :).
  15. Hi Haggismaen ,

    Yeah it is a good choice isn't it, I absolutley love it , Was thinking soon about getting a Staintune exhaust for it soon, Pricy but worth it i reckon. Im in bundeena, so i love the ride to work every day through the Natio!! How long have you had yours?
  16. I've had mine since April I believe. I bought mine with a Staintune already fitted so :grin:. What you might like to do is shoot a PM off to Scrambles, he's getting a custom exhaust made by somebody for a lot less than what the Staintune costs, sounds the same as well supposedly.

    I've also made a few other mods to mine as well, want to do a few more as well :p.

    I envy your commute. I'm heading down to Wollongong next week sometime so I'll be doing an RNP run, maybe we meet up at Loftus and run it together?
  17. Bundeena??? Watch out for the deer, then, matey :LOL:
  18. Howdy and welcome :)
  19. Welcome Life Begins @ 13000.

    Are we sure that a VTR250 can get up to 13000rpm?