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Netrider Glamour Photo Showdown

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Loz, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. I'll kick it off with this gorgeous shot, which could be straight off the front of a Mills & Boon:

  2. Loz, who are they ? your folks ?
  3. That has to be Groberts and Nicky!

    He was a handsome young chap wasn't he! Kinda freaky to see him with a shaved face and out of his vest. :shock: That's a classic, thanks Loz. :grin:

    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know whats worse, shaven or hairy, *shudder*
  5. The right half of the photo almost makes up for the left half!

    (Sorry Glen) :wink:

    So Loz - how exactly did this fine pic fall into your possession, hmmm?
  6. Grobby's housewarming was this afternoon. I got the cameraphone out, I've always loved that picture, makes me piss myself.

    NOW... Who's gonna be the first to get that glam photo of Flipper up on the wall at HQ and post it? :grin:
  7. Housewarming????

    Since when have they allowed mass visitors at HMAS Barwon?? :LOL:
  8. How would you know that they wouldn't? :p
  9. dear god man what hapend to your chin?
  10. (sighs) miss the ol' dawg :cry:
  11. Ladies and gentlemen!

    I give you Scrambles!


    ok, it's not really him... but I know if you drink enough and take your glasses off...
  12. ^
    You gotta wear a helmet out there people, sheesh.

  13. Ooh, it's Thelma and Louise.
  14. Tango and cash.

    I'm Cash.

    Ktulu is just gay.
  15. Bob , roderz and falom
    How could we not stick this one up :LOL:
  16. Well, hello sailor!!! :LOL:
  17. Arrrrrgggggghhh! fcuk Off! Did we need to see that Vic Slick? :sick:

    Funny, :LOL: Reminds me of this sceane. :rofl: