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Netrider Events Crew - Sun Sept 25th, 11:30am

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Hey folks,

    We are looking to form a crew of people that can assist in planning/organising events for all to enjoy.
    These events will include a Scorcher Ride (opposite to the icicle ride), A bowling night, go-kart day, Shave for a cure, Toy run, dinners, etc etc etc.

    We would like to schedual 12 events for the year one official event each month.

    For those interested and who think they are able to assist in this area then please come along to a chat session to discuss how this would/could/should work.

    A Sunday meeting, 11.30am for a 12.00pm lunch then get stuck into it.

    Sun 25th September at a cafe in Williamstown.

    Cafe Breeze
    117 Nelson Pl Williamstown

    Oh and while we are at it, those who would like to take on an editors role (for the newsletter) are also encouraged to come along.
  2. Vic so I guess it's your shout....
  3. I'm there.....been plenty of netrider parties at my place and I'm sure there will be more to come....(including other activities other than drinking)
  4. I've got opinions on everything and how to do it better - I'd make a great editor :wink: :D .

    I will see what I'm doing closer to the date but at this point I plan on coming.

    Good idea Vic and Jason.
  5. I might be interested, but editor of what exactly? :)
  6. We want to push out the NetWriter newsletters with a little more frequency.
  7. Cool - count me in.
  8. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    Stolen from my brilliant and creative mind I might add [-X [-X [-X
  9. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    Hahaha .. if you think. The scorcher ride has been 2-3 years in the making. :p
  10. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    It's taken you that long and still nothing :p :p :p . Are you going to have the ladies fanning the riders with palm leaves and feeding them peeled grapes :?: :?: I think not :!: :!: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    Year before last it came soooo close ... planned, scheduled, and everything. Just a few days away for the announcement, and I was unexpectantly and suddenly unavailable for a couple of months.

    As for last year .. :oops: :roll: ... Vic and I can't do everything. Hence the call for this topic :)
  12. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    Why not...I can 8) . As for 12 events for the year...I'm happy to host piss ups @ Foxy's once a month :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . Providing a slab is donated to the cause every two months :p :p :p
  13. Re: Events Crew - Sat Sept 24th, 11:30am

    Not entirely what we have in mind, but a good idea none the less :)
  14. Get groberts to edit the newsletter. :p :LOL:
  15. froflmao! No offence Glen!
  16. I wouldn't mind helping if it doesn't interfere with the the yachting, equestrian polo...oh wait that's my other fantasy life...:LOL:...
    Seriously, I'll give up some time.
  17. I'm in, if you possibly had any doubts.
  18. I will tag along.

    :D :D
  19. It's this coming Sunday :)

    Attendee's so far...

    And changes or additions?
  20. At least we are waiting till after 12 to get stuck into the hair of the dog.....I will be there, possibly still pissed from the night before 8)