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Netrider Escorts!!!! Way Hey!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. A few weeks ago, while helping Knightrider come to grips with learning how to ride, I came up with the idea of getting the guys from HQ to make a slight detour and prove an escort into Friday night coffee.

    With the 6 or so other riders leading and surrounding her, Robyn was able to make the ride into coffee well before she probably would have been willing to on her own. She was well protected from the traffic by the guys around her and just had to follow the guys in front to find her way in. Yet she still got to feel the achievement of being able to line her bike up beside everyone else and show off her pride and joy.

    I mentioned the same idea to R1_Lover who liked the idea as well and once her bike arrives she said she'd take me up on the offer.

    Since we have a large number of riders heading into coffee of a Friday we should be able to cover pretty much every corner of the city so we can offer an escort for the newer riders where-ever they may be. As long as people as also willing to escort them back home I think it would be a very valuable thing for the learners.

    So this is a two prong query.

    1. Who of the experienced riders would be willing to go on escort duty if a learn out their side of the city wanted to be escorted in?

    2. Who amongst the learners would be interested in being escorted into coffee during the very early stages of getting onto a bike?

  2. Sorry, already on escort duty. Happy to help out any other day. :) Except tuesdays and thursdays. :D

    Stew, coach to the stars!!!!!!
  3. Damn , not the thread i thought it was . Was expecting groberts and vics names up here with the slogan .. Call me - call me now.
  4. More than happy to be an escort :)
  5. Escorts? I like escorts! First thing I flip to when the new Yellow Pages arrives!
  6. Hey Dave you got the number for them lesbians yet? :wink:
  7. They advertise Ford's in the Yellow pages these days?

  8. OI Loz, Don't you be putting escorts and me in the same sentence ok :twisted: :p
  9. I promise I won't... At least I definately won't until you show me some pictures ;)
  10. Heya,

    That sounds like a great idea.. Good on yas for doing that

    Lisa :twisted:
  11. Hahaha, plenty of pics of me on the net...some not so flattering :oops:
  12. Cake anyone?

    I'd be in for BIKE escort duty. But the hours I leave for the city tend to vary all over the place...

    Nevertheless I'll volunteer on a case by case basis...
  13. I would be up for an escort, I get my bike today so maybe in a few weeks?
  14. I usually head into Southbank straight from work at Williamstown then head home in a different direction to Sunbury.

    Happy for anyone to tag along tho.
  15. I was escorted in last week from Elwood, and would appreciate it very much if I could be escorted again ;)

    Having said that, I may not be at coffee tonight :(
  16. I will be coming in for the first time for coffee from the western side. Werribee, is anyone else heading in from out this way and what time. Would love to roll in with someone else.
  17. I'm happy to escort when available, although not exactly an overly experienced rider, I make a decent shield... (plus you can use me as an excuse for going slow!)

    Plenty of people here have escorted me at various times, and it was MUCH appreciated! I'm more than happy to repay that favour to anyone who needs it.
  18. Scumbag, I can meet you at the Todd Rd servo if you like, inbound side, bottom of the Westgate bridge.

    I'm usually there about 4.30, but can be a bit later if that suits.

    (edit) We're makin it 5.00 if anyone else wants to join in.
  19. I'm already located in the city, so it'll be unlogical for me to escort people in. I can be on escort duties for people going home. :D