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N/A | National Netrider Eastern Creek Track Day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kargo, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. It's been a while since our last netrider track day at eastern creek... who's ready for another one?

    I was thinking of going on either the 16th, 20th or 21st of December but am open to other days if it suits you guys better.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Im booked in for 20th and 21st
  3. I'm doing the short course on the 29th of November... I'd be keen to try and squeeze another one in before the end of the year
  4. Interested... Will watch this space :)
  5. Him...maybe all the track junkies are down at PI...let wait a bit longer see if anyone else wants to go
  6. Have you got a specific date in mind?
    I'd be more interested in a weekend as coming into Xmas, work days are nearly impossible to wrangle off.... I'm not even sure what dates have room left, I'll have to check it out.
  7. I'm leaning towards the Friday 20th of Dec at the moment.

    Thing is, my work closes shop on the 20th and its normally a massive piss up. If i go to work on the 20th i'll probably be feeling like crap on the Saturday the 21st. Defiantly not in a fit enough state to go to the track.

    I've asked a few other people i know if they can make it on the 20th, will probably book it this week some time.
  8. booked in for Friday November 29th
  9. ^^ boo that's sold out. How's the GP circuit btw? I've never tried it before.
  10. booked myself in for the 20th.

    @kanga Look forward to seeing the mods you've done to the kangasaki.
  11. You mean the old GP track or the new section?

    The new section is pretty tight, it starts with a quick right then left....first time I have ever flicked quickly from knee down to knee down....awesome feeling when you get it right, then its a slight left down hill to a very tight hairpin....I think my avatar photo is coming out of that hairpin, never been knee down on such a slow bend.

    Then its a right hander uphill, very difficult to get the power down, I reckon it would be easy to high side it on a thou,
    then its long sweeping left at high speed downhill back into the old GP track turn 9? (tight right hander).....how can I forget, high sided hear in Jan, knocked out, 2 nights at Westmead

    I will certainly be taking it easy this time, fingers crossed!

    I would still like to do the old GP track as atleast you can benchmark your times against international times....not that anyone is timing!
  12. I had only just met you that day, glad you healed up.
    If you're going on the 29th, you'll be doing the old circuit... That's what they call the GP circuit. With the new section included it's called full circuit or something like that.

    @kargo, I'll have to give the 20th a miss. Work commitments around that time of year are pretty crazy unfortunately.
  13. Yeah I couldn't stay away & couldn't wait til I got my track bike, so just have to take it easy....

    thanks for the info, I was hoping they would alternate between the full track & the GP track
  14. I love the new circuit. I think the addition works very, very well. However I love the old (GP) circuit. My favourite corner was turn 8 (left hander cresting under the bridge) which does not exist on new circuit.