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Netrider Dynoverks Dyno Day

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Hmm, If I had a bike worth putting on the dyno ... :p
  2. Dyno :?: What dyno :?: :D
  3. Got the email and used the information to its fullest extent.......but only one sausage?
  4. Sounds awesome...been looking for an excuse for a long time :D :D :D Only one problem...the bike is still being repaired :(

    Great idea guys! I only hope you have another soon after I get the bike back! :D
  5. Got the e-mail and great idea but im busy then . :cry:
  6. Dyno. 250. Dyno. 250. Dyno.

    Nup, just doesn't have the right ring to it.
  7. Did everyone get an email. I want a special Netrider email. Oh I even gave my real email address.
  8. I didn't get the email either, and i also put a genuine address...

    I get the impression it's about a dyno day/comp... hmm maybe i should enter the postie
  9. Ill be there, but aint no way im paying $50 for a power run. You get em for free at the bike expo in october.
  10. LOL should I bring the CT110 or the VFR750??
  11. Just checked details, email Address is OK, but no email arrived...


  12. Check your spam trap :)
  13. I gave my real email address, it hasn't been spammed and I didn't get anything.

    (Was it something I said?)

    Oh, no, don't tell me, Susan is vetting the mail?????

    That explains it.
  14. Are you a Netrider member (https://netrider.net.au/?page=membership)? If so, PM me your member number and I'll chase it up.

    For the rest of you .... sorry, but the event is in Victoria so we didn't 'bother' non-Victorians.
  15. nothing in the spam folder...no email

    address works fine for everything else.

    as i recall i didn't get my netrider confirmation email for joining either...until i emailed the webmaster.
  16. Are you a Netrider member (https://netrider.net.au/?page=membership) or just a forums user? If the former, PM with your membership email address and I'll look into it
  17. just a forums user st the moment.....will join up fully when finally got a bike.

    oops if this caused a problem somewhere :)
  18. As per the original post .. "if your a Netrider member and didn't get your email" :wink:
  19. "Netrider Member" = Proud, Passionate & Paid Up, right Jason? :LOL: