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Netrider dude on Ch2 !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I think I just saw a fellow Netrider dude on 4 Corners !

    Its Meng, he rides a red VTR1000 !, I can't remember his username !!

    Meng, if you are reading this, is that you ?
    The Duntroon dude ??
  2. One of nr's posted up earlier that her son was also on.

    Not a bad show - chicks at Kapooka :shock:

    Don't tell me they have full strength beer there as well :shock:
  3. well get this . . .. take about Netrider dudes on TV in one sitting !!

    1 . Ch2 - Meng on 4Corners

    2. Channel surfed to Ch7 and the new Holden Commodore ad was on, the stunt driver at the wheel is a fellow netrider dude also . . .Bob ! He rides a blue VTR1000.

    3. Channel surfed to Ch9, that show with Megan Gale and Mike Munro was on and it was the year 1997 they were hosting and reviewing ! They showed the Terry Bullimore rescue ! . . . apparently one of the voices on the PC-3E Orion who spotted the yatchsman is a fellow Netrider also. I can't reveal his name, its a I can tell you but then I have to sleep with you thing ! :LOL: . . . hahahhahhaha.

    Wow, talk about claim to fames in 1 TV sitting !
  4. Mmmm, let me think who that could have been..... :roll: Lot's of P3 guys on here. :LOL: But to set the record straight, I didn't actually spot him. We were about the 4th crew down there and were making sure we kept tabs on where he was so the ship knew where to go. We vectored the ship into his position so I was on the radio a fair bit telling the ship where to go. However, I was in the plane that you see on the footage when they picked him up. And I did make the radio call back to Australia telling the world that he was alive.