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Netrider Down... Jace. Now with Pics!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jace, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Hello All. I had a whoopsie at Tooradin coming back from the island on Saturday arvo. I was pulling in to the Tooradin servo on the west side of the sth Gipplsand HWy. I didn't see the gravel in the centre strip of the road and hit it banked over and braking at 50 Kmph. I was down sliding along the road thinking fark it what a crap way to end a great day. I took a fair bit of bark out of my left knee my jeans held up pretty well except for that. I spent three nights in Dandenong hospital. I had plastic surgery on my knee to get the fine gravel out and I'm still on antibiotics now to stave of a bone infection. :eek:

    I thought you guys would be interested to know how my riding gear went in the crash so heres my a list of my riding gear and how it went.

    Boots - Oxtar Gortex sports - Left one scuffed.OK
    Pants - Thick darn jeans - Big hole in the knee.Knackered
    Gloves - Rjays Chrome knuckle gloves - Both worn through the palm. unimpressed
    Jacket - Gas Jacket - One seam stretched,one small hole. Fixable
    Helmet - KBC VR1chrome - Little bit of paint of the back where it grazed the road. Needs replacing.
    Gear pics here;

    I was lucky in the respect that I had enough room to slide to a stop without hitting anything. Different story for the bike though. It slid along and hit a grass embankment busting the fairing and bending the fairing supports. It copped a fair bit of scratch damage on the left as well, grinding right through the left hand crankcase. :(
    Bike and scene pics here;

    But other than that I'm OK 8)
  2. Glad to hear your 'relatively' ok Jace.

    Do you think that a pair of Draggin's would have saved you from the pain?
  3. Bugger....heartfelt sympathy. I hope the knee sorts itself out. I had a similar knee injury (plus a whole bunch of other damage), about 2 years ago. The knee took longer to heal than the fractures. Still, you are alive an kicking, put it down to experience and just carry on carrying on.
  4. sorry to hear about your off... but curious, were they just normal jeans or were they proper bike jeans as looking around at a few different types atm and if they were bike jeans i will just steer clean of them......

    all the best for the recovery
  5. Aww shite mate, bad luck.

    Pick up some Draggins or similar, they're as comfy as jeans, you can wear them around all day without looking like a spaceman, and they're built for a slide. I hit the deck at about 50kmh wearing some and they didn't even scuff up, I had a bruise but nothing else to show for it.

    Most importantly though, how's the TRX?
  6. bad luck there mate, hmmm those gloves sound like they underperformed, a few people have had issues with rjays stuff in the past, i guess we can add you to that list.

    hope the repairs arn't to pricey and the knee heals up quick. ohh and get some draggins :D

    editt: if you get a chance could post a pic of the gloves and their condition, that would be awesome. (and the other gear for that matter.) always interested to see how the gear holds up in its task.
  7. Good advertisement for draggins
    Glad to hear you came out of it virtually unscathed.
    A friend from queensland had an off in Eildon on his way back to queensland.
    Slid on gravel doing 40 kms .
    He was fine because he landed on his daughter but she is currently in hospital having has skingrafts on her knee as well.
    She is fine and will make a full recovery.
    He though will have his balls cut off by his wife when they go home on saturday.
    Bike is waiting to be assessed.
  8. Bad luck, hope your leg heals quickly.

    While the kevlar in Draggins may have limited the seriousness of the leg injury it may not have saved his skin.

    From my experience the kevlar is prone to removing the skin through it's abrasive nature or giving you burns.
  9. Re: Netrider Down... Jace

    Glad to hears you're ok. Sorry about the knee.

    Note to self - Thick darn jeans aren't riding gear. Yup - it has taken me 20 years to realise this and the stories from Netrider finally woke me up. Old dog has new trick.
    Bummer, but how are your hands? If the gloves saved your palms, I think you're ahead :)

    Keep well.
  10. Rotten news, mate, and once again reminds us of how fragile the margin is between vertcial and horizontal. And also reminds us of how important it is to protect the old knees; I lose count of how many riders I see with expensive jackets and helmets and gloves and boots AND JEANS......
  11. BUMMER. 3 days in hopital sux too. How did your hands hold up after the gloves shite themselves? Handy having chrome knuckles when your palms slide down the tar. My ex brother in law took a slide off his 900ss ( the silver one with wire wheels mmmm ) 25 years ago and he had gloves with little metal studs on the palm, supposedly to slide easier?? well, they actually heated up from the friction and burnt him. He had dotty hands for months!!
  12. heal quickly
    buy gloves with kevlar in the palms.
  13. A few year ago coming home from the supers, a guy made the same turn and not sure if he didn't see the truck or if he slid out as well, but he didn't make it :(
    Glad to hear you are relatively OK Jace, gear can be replaced, bodies can't.
  14. My palms were/are ok just a minor scratch on the right palm. note. I do use leather conditioner and cleaner to keep my leather items tip top.

    Yes, yes I know the BRAND NEW DRAGGIN jeans that I had bought at the exhibition were in my top box. They took the accident real well.:LOL:

    Will get some pics up as soon as I get my camera back.

    Scooter, good point. I did get a friction burn through my jacket on my left elbow. No gravel in it though....... :D
  15. Classic :p
  16. sorry to hear about your accident and i hope that you get better soon!

    what i do is wear hard knee/shin protectors which i use from mountainbiking under my cordura pants for impact protection. i find them quite comfortable and well worth it!

    i 2nd the sledge on rjays cause my cordura pants have a hole in them as well after a very minor off so i am too not impressed.

    lol........i don't know what to say about that comment!

  17. At times like this I realise that I'm not such a knob wearing leathers ALL the time. Yep, ALL the time.
  18. I'm glad to hear you're still with us, but 3 nights in hospital sounds like no fun at all.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the gear, too. I might investigate kevlar-lined gloves, coz I don't think my Joe Rockets offer a great deal of palm protection.

    Bummer of a way to end your day, but at least you're still around. :)
  19. Why is it that gloves always seem to have enough protection on the knuckles, etc. but very little on the palms, where it's expected that they'll take the brunt of the force?
  20. Man that sucks. Glad to here your on the mend.

    Makes you realise how bad it can be, because this was only 50 km/h.

    How did the biek fair?