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Netrider down at Phillip Island track

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Hi guy's, I was down the Island for a track day yesterday (Tue 15th); there were a couple of other Netriders there; Ron (slic1, R1) and Rob (robselvv, ZX9), I saw Rob's crash damaged gold ZX9 in the pits but couldn't find him anywhere, does anyone know him or can contact him? He was also on last Sunday's Reefton ride. I was/am a little concerned.

  2. Hmmm, not good. I hope he's OK. Maybe slic knows???
  3. Still no news?
  4. Sorry peoples, saw the bike at the back of the pits, but like Johnny I didnt see the rider. hope his ok.
  5. Rob's Alive and wounded!

    Hi guys.

    Thanks for the thought John. Much appreciated.

    I don't have any recollection of the accident. According to the 3rd hand info from my stressed GF, I've pieced together that I spun up the rear out of siberia and without the nouse to power slide out of it, I ended up highsiding. [Survival reaction number 1, throttle roll off... bugger!]

    I wish I could remember. Was I overtaking someone so carrying more lean with a wider arc then powering on too early??? Don't know. SBS aren't clear either.

    The crash knob limited the bike damage thankfully. Busted peg and a scratched can, fairing and handle bar. The crash knob was engine mounting bolt mounted and handled the impact well... the bolt is a bit bent, but replaceable.

    Me on the other hand, I had heavy concussion [I was in lala land for most of the arvo], a busted right wrist [now in plaster making typing interesting], a fractured rib, various sprained fingers, and interestingly, bruises on various contact points of the rear left side of my body.

    If anyone has any more info, I'm keen to learn from the incident.

    I'm definitely getting back on the bike and will be back at PI at some stage... probably next spring at this rate.

    It's with new motivation I say, keep the shiny side up!

    Cheers for now.

  6. Ah bummer Rob, hope you heal quickly mate.
  7. geez Rob
    not nice..
    glad you are not banged up too bad...
    and the bike seems not too bad either
    for what it was

    don't know what it is about Siberia
    last 2 track days I went to, someone got spat orf there!
    December last year a CBR600 rider went a over t big time, destroyed the honda and put himself in hospital (broken arm i believe)
    and then Feb this year , a mate on a green Zx9r
    slid off and did a lot of damage to his green machine
    but thankfully not much to him
    (he was on the Reefton ride on Sunday..with no stickers on the 9R...)

    get better soon

  8. that sucks Rob, hope your ok

    what lap times you guys doing, i'm doing a trackday on friday, can't wait
  9. Sorry to hear about your off hope you & bike both ok real soon!
  10. So glad to hear your ok and nothing to bad Rob.

    You will be back into it soon enough...but can be scary stuff though lm sure.

  11. Ouch Rob, that will keep you out of action for a while :(
    Broken ribs are an underestimated thing!
    Get Well Soon :)
  12. Hey I'm doin a ride day at the Island on Friday, see ya there, I'll be the one with the two red Benelli's
  13. Hi Rob,

    Sorry to hear your off... heal quickly mate..
  14. Hi Rob,

    Hope all the wounds heal quickly.
  15. Rob, sorry to hear about your off. Hope you heal quickly.
  16. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the get wells. I fully intend to!

    ... And I'll look forward to more track days and friendly netrider rides... this is just a blip.

    Stay safe.