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Netrider does it again.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by GreyBM, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. While you good folk were snuggled up cosy in your beds, your dedicated Netrider Icicle Ride Team took out the trophy for the Most Represented Club at BMWMCCVic's 2010 Icicle Ride for the fourth year in a row.

    This year the ride was cold and lived up to its Icicle name.

    The ride did demonstrate the perils of riding at night. One rider had an altercation with a kangaroo and although his bike was OK, he was sore and bruised and retired early. One of the BMW lead bikes hit a wombat and to to be sure it was not left suffering, a second bike ran over the top of it. Remarkably given this proclivity for getting up close and personal with wildlife, not a single bike went down.

    All Netriders survived the night without incident.

    Our win was a close thing as we only narrowly beat the Mornington Motorcycle Club, who will no doubt be spoiling to avenge their defeat next year.
  2. Well done !

    I'm amazed at the roo and wombat altercations with no one going down !
  3. Wow, I loved my nice warm bed last night :)

    I wouldn't do the icicle ride without heated grips, heated vest, thermals, double layer everything... etc.

    I'm envious of you guys though! Well done :D
  4. Kudos to the NR gang that did it. I couldn't attempt something like that! (totally afraid of such cold) :-/

    Well done, indeed (tips hat)

  5. Continuing a grand tradition; congratulations to the hardy souls who competed!!!
  6. Well done to NR team!!! Hopefully I'll join in for next years ride......
  7. Only just! Need everyone to pitch in next year, those Mornington boys are importing them from interstate!

    Another chap on a DR hit a roo as well, we (me & 5 other people I'd never met) followed him for 30 klms or so before he pulled over & told us he was heading home. Then we worked how lost we were :rofl:

    He ok, just a bit sore, don't know about the roo.
  8. Well done Grey, MV & everyone - brilliant effort!!!

  9. Yuo're dead right, it was very cold, left the electric blanket on low, fixed.

    Well done to all the hardy of foolhardy souls that did the ride.
  10. no pics?
  11. Last year the BMWMCCVic official pics were mostly black backgrounds with either headlight of tail lights.

    There were a few pics of the trophy taken (not by me) so maybe someone who took one will post it up.
  12. Yeah, amazing experience! Love challenges like that...

    Have to feel for the wombat who never had a chance as the two bikes that hit it were well weighted BMW dual purpose style I think.
    Lucky for the third rider as he was from Mornington I know well on his R1.
    I'd say his faring would have crumbled!
    I was about 5 bikes behind so very lucky....

    How cold was it?
    Well some are reporting temps of -2 with their bike thermometers.
    At the first stop, I noticed ice had formed on wooden railings.
    And at 100kph, it's amazing how the cold gets through even when you're dressed like the Michelin Man.

    I have no idea how a couple of riders I saw with dragon denim jeans could take that cold.....
    Have to say, quite happy with myself and learnt quite a bit from my long trip a few weeks ago.
  13. Yep, good ride guys and great to meet a few of you in the flesh.

    I enjoyed it but have to admit the concept of doing a night time ride is a little crazy at any time of the year. There's just too much wildlife - I had a roo bounce across 20 metres in front, narrowly missed two other little critters and was almost the 3rd rider to triple kill the wombat.

    The sheer number of animals, limited range of headlights, and cold and slippery conditions, combined with slow rider reflexes at 4am does not make it the safest ride.
  14. Wish I coulda made it. Especially if it was a proper icicle ride. :p
  15. I had Hornee's on, but I also had thermal underwear, a quilted liner & kneegaurds on under them.

    I was still cold.
  16. Umm no!

    It was me what hit the kangaroo in the first place at 67 km in...

    The bike had the left hand plug lead ripped out and gear lever bent and left hand header pipe squashed. I managed to get the next 17 kilometres into the first petrol stop on one cylinder but there's no way it could have finished the ride. No nasty damage but a nuisance.

    The armour in the knee of my Tiger Angel gear saved my knee but I ended up with bruising and some sprains in the left leg. It's still extremely painful and I'll be limping around for a week or so.

    I must give credit to the support from the BMWMCCVIC who put the bike on a trailer (David from the club will drop it back sometime this week) and gave me a lift home. Well organised support and nice people.
  17. Sorry to hear you were the one Tony, but glad to hear your retirement was not because you were so badly hurt you couldn't ride any further.

    Does any one know what the history of the ride has been with respect to "animal incidents" over the past years?
  18. There's been the odd one or two. I think there was a Kawaski a year or so back and there was a Triumph that lost a pillion footpeg to a wombat. The pillion had to complete the ride with no right hand footpeg - probably extremely uncomfortably.

    I think a sidecar outfit also cleaned up a kangaroo a couple of years ago.

    Given the route and the time it's a little surprising there's not more incidents. Every year I've done the ride I've seen wildlife somewhere - this is the first time I've had a serious encounter.

    It was a little surprising because there were about twenty bikes in front of me which should have scared it off and it occurred coming up to a fairly well lit intersection.

    Actually it's a pretty incident free event. It's unusual to have someone crash and I don't know of any serious incidents where people have been seriously injured. Given that it's cold and frequently wet and/or foggy, people seem to self-regulate their riding styles and ride safely. It's most unusual to see someone doing something stupid on an icicle ride.
  19. What, such as riding in the middle of the night in winter with no real purpose....