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Netrider Dinner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 23, 2006.

  1. Are any other NSW riders interested in a group ride to Melbourne for the Annual Netrider Dinner, Wednesday 13th September '06? It's in the week prior to the Grand Prix at PI so maybe you could combine them both???

  2. I'll put up an 'interest' in it at this stage Paul. I never know until a month or two before events like this during my uni session whether i will be able to make it or not. That said i am DEFINATELY interested in making a trip down.

  3. interested

    i had a dream last night that i harnest the explosive powers of expired milk products and converted it to drive a new motorcycle. (think of that yogurt that exploded in your fridge and how you can harness that power LOL)

    will make this a sticky when you got the finer details down.
  4. Im interested in coming down.. My first child will be born in the next few weeks though so i might not be able to get away... Plus Ill need to find out locations of service stations on the way there... Not that my bike is thirst or anything...
  5. We could always arrange a "chase" car with supplies of fuel and oil. Anyone want to volunteer for a comfortable trip to Melbourne??? :LOL:

    Dante I'm committed to going myself anyway, I guess it only becomes more than a private jaunt if anyone comes along......
  6. What range can you get??? There is basically a servo every 120-160km or so. When we went down last year our fuel stops went:

    Batemans Bay -> Bega -> Cann River -> Orbost -> Sale -> Dandenong (i only put about 9 litres in dandenong) So i had plenty to go.

    These stops ranged from between about 160-200km apart on average (Paul could only do around 220km to a tank). What is your fuel consumption like??

  7. Fuel consumption is around 180 km to a tank. Possibly more considering we will be cruising and the oil injection and carbies have been tuned. I havent been on a long ride since i got the bike back. Ill keep you guys informed..
  8. I'm a possible for this. Would like to meet some more of the Melbourne crew :)