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Announcement Netrider changes to http/2

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Netrider has now (we'll, a couple of nights ago) been migrated from SPDY to HTTP/2.

    TL;DR .... all modern browsers now support http/2, which allows websites to deliver they're content to you much faster. Sort of like now lane splitting, instead of sitting in the queue and waiting :)

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  2. TL;DR I think I may insert that as my sig....;-)
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  3. Dunno about HTTP/2 but am assuming SPDY is what Spiderman uses to make his senses tingle.
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  4. Does it do it under 30 kmph ?
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  5. Good point. Does that mean Learners aren't allowed to use it?
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  6. What's this http thingo... ;)
  7. Thanks Mouth, I have no idea what to do with that information but I'm sure our resident nerds will be jumping with joy.
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  8. We aren't allowed to tell you unless you are under 25.
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  9. which is why everydudes 64bit OS sitting on an i7 sandy bridge chip, with lot of other shit in support, is complaining about the handshakes?
    "opportunistic encryption" & "push technology" sorta like yer dodgy radar-man hiding in the bushes in the name of road safety but what you can't see is the fully metal drone, armed, in the name of sedition checking out the ECU.
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  10. Good to know. SPDY didn't have quite the support it deserved regardless.

    Thank you for the constant work on the website.
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  11. Can you repeat the thing when you said about the stuff :confused:
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  12. I have a suspicion many of us won't quite GET what is going on with the protocol change...
    You might have to POST a more detailed explanation.

    (I can't quite believe I just made a HTTP joke)
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  13. You win the thread.
  14. Over my HEAD.
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  15. Eh, that pun was just OK.

    (I'll stop now, I promise!)
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  16. Ummm....what?
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  17. So... Is it supposed to look any different? 90% of my time on here is spent on my iPhone
  18. It always lightens my heart to know that a fair chunk of bike riders are/were in IT in some form or another. On the ride to Wollombi that Hornet led us on, we all discovered (aside from Kimi and Sibi) that we were all in IT at some point in our lives hehe
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  19. I've been to ITaly, does that count ?
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  20. Sure, why not! :D