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Netrider card

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. hooray... was in the mail today.... now i just got to use it.

    1st on the list L's at Ride-Tek

    then gear...

  2. I got mine in the post yesterday too!
  3. is there a list of outlets where we can use it?
  4. yeah there is a list on the main netrider site

    in the side menu under Partner discounts...

    i'll have to book in for those L's soon.
  5. I would say that all the netrider partners in the partner page would be a good start.
  6. though I just noticed no SA companies there...bugger.

    A few online ones though!
  7. Ok Mods/Vic we need to expand the operation...;)

    Theres not currently any NSW partners in there that I can see?

    Please let me know if I or anyone else in NSW can help with this; ie approaching companies on Netriders behalf

    Suggest other state members do the same...

    *edit* actually on closer inspection there are a few...but more would be good, especially service/tyre orientated partners :)
  8. Absolutely! We encourage and urge anyone and everyone to do exactly this - in every state :) Speak to your local bike business{es} and tell them about Netrider - the partners discount option, listing in the linksdir, advertising etc. and especially all the extra mentions/links/kudo's they get for having done so :) It's about connecting riders with suppliers/business as much as with other riders :)

    Any business need only visit https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners#add and fill-in the form to apply for Netrider discount partner status.

    Visit https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/?v=l to add a link to the linksdir

    https://netrider.net.au/?page=advertising has all the details on advertising
  9. OK drew. whats the story?

    all this posting, and no bike, even worse NO LICENCE.

    can't even ride someone elses bike :)
  10. well i kinda want to get the bike and licence together.... but every time i look like getting enough for a bike.. lifa comes along and kicks me in the cahoonas.

    currently i have $1500 woth of car rego/insurance and a few odds and ands to pay...... so guess where the cash comes from??

    current ideas are to the the darn L's..... hire a bike to practice for a few weekends and then get the P's sometime after the 3 month mark. then i can borrow/loan hire etc until i finally get some wheels.

    of course if i win the bike in the competition i entered this will all change. :) (it's mine i tells ya...mine :twisted: )

    as for all the posting... research, info, joining the community etc...... at least when i get the bike i know where to go for coffee!!
  11. Good luck with everything drew.. :grin:
  12. thanks

    still scared carazy about getting on one though (with good reason too) .... the othe half of me can't wait for the twisties

    mind over matter....... im getting one and thats that!!!
  13. Just buy what you want. I was fairly lucky with my 250. Bought an 01 zzr for 5k and when i was finished with it last year, sold it for 5k.. Just really looked after it and now i know the person who bought it off me is selling it for 5k. It is still in really good nick, so she will get 5 for it no prob.
  14. that would be good.... trick is etting the good bike in the first place...

    kinda faces with a decision.

    get a thrashed bike i can throw away at the end and start over


    Save for a decent bikein good nick i can resell and have some cahs for a nice big bike

    who knows.... ask me an a month or so?? :)
  15. Also worth asked the store you are in if they will give a discount and just name drop the clubs you are in....quite often even though they aren't listed in the Partners they will give a discount. All part of the negoiations.