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Netrider Bike Survey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by guye777, May 10, 2008.

  1. Was bored the other day so I compiled a graph of the bike brands of NR member. Here it is...

    Sample is 1310 bikes. "Other" constitute only 12 bikes.


  2. Be interesting to see it broken down further to capacity as well.
  3. now i feel like pie
  4. almost represents market share, except for yamaha.
  5. OK. When I get bored at work again this week... :grin:
  6. thats because when you get an R1, you are too cool for NR.
  7. Yeah, you kinda look like pie too.
  8. face like a dropped pie?
  9. I'm confused. How can "Other" constitute 12 bikes, and yet 3% proportions be possible in the "Other" pie chart. 100/12 = 8.3%, unless we're talking about 1/3rds of a bike?

    According to the main chart, the "Other" group is 3% of 1310, or about 39 bikes, so surely the "Other" group constitutes that sort of number of bikes?
  10. 12 bikes = 12 brands, not 12 individual bikes.... ;)
  11. Thanks for that breakdown Guy, it's certainly an interesting bit of info.
  12. idontlikemondays wrote:
    Probably because one of Yamahas biggest sellers is the WR dirtbikes.
    I notice that KTM are also under-represented (they are also big in dirtbikes).
  13. No - you are all quite right.

    12 brands! 36 bikes. (in "other").

    Here's the detail if you want....

    • Make Count %
      Honda 411 (31.4%)
      Suzuki 274 (20.9%)
      Kawasaki 249 (19.0%)
      Yamaha 149 (11.4%)
      Hyosung 69 (5.3%)
      Triumph 46 (3.5%)
      Ducati 27 (2.1%)
      BMW 27 (2.1%)
      Aprilia 22 (1.7%)
      Other 36 (2.7%)

      Other Detail
      KTM 8 (0.6%)
      Cagiva 5 (0.4%)
      Moto Guzzi 5 (0.4%)
      Buell 4 (0.3%)
      Harley-Davidson 3 (0.2%)
      Gilera 2 (0.2%)
      Husqvarna 2 (0.2%)
      Royal Enfield 2 (0.2%)
      Vespa 2 (0.2%)
      Hunter 1 (0.1%)
      Norton 1 (0.1%)
      Piaggio 1 (0.1%)
      TOTAL 1310
  14. im a bar graph man, myself :p
  15. 2d or 3d? horizontal or vertical?
  16. I'm guessing the underrepresentation on Yamaha is due to the fact that most people, like myself don't have their off road bikes listed in the garage.

    Might put it in there now :)
  17. How's this Robin? :p

  18. 3d of course :)
    horizontal remind me too much of timelines.
  19. oh shucks.
    i replied to your post on the first page without even looking on here.
    you know me too well Guy :p
  20. Spooky wasn't it, Robin!

    NB: I didn't see your Avalanche in the stats :LOL: