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Netrider Awards 2005

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Hollywood has its Oscars, TV its Emmys, and Australian TV its Logies, so what about a set of Annual Awards for Netrider? How about we call them....

    The Reitrads (no prizes for the person who finds out why this name.

    So this in not a complete list, but since you Melbourne riders can't shop anywhere, I thought it'd be a bit of fun for everyone to contribute.

    I'll start off with a few of my own.

    The Funniest Post
    Dan asked "Do you weave around to warm up your tyres?"

    To which Dave (Midnight) replied "I only weave in front of shop windows to see how cool I am . Looks great with my matching leathers on . Then I go off to the hills and race all the P and L platers because they didn't nod"

    This would have got it for me until, in the week of the Netrider Dinner Mark (Chairman) came up with this classic in a thread started by Cone of Silence about being hit from behind by a guy using a mobile in a car. Seany complained that someone had run over his kayak. To which Mark replied;

    "No sympathy, dude. Cyclists are bad enough, but I'm sick of kayaks blocking up the freeway. You bastards are always in the way- waving your paddles about, rolling upside down at the lights and then flipping up again. The slalom kayakers are the worst - paddling through a tollway gate and then reversing up just so they can go through another gate in the next lane.

    I don't drive in your rivers - keep off my freeways. Go and paddle in the gutter, get kayak lanes - whatever - but get out of the way. Or we play real kayaks - you can be the eskimo and I'll be the the whale

    The Shortest Post

    Many contenders with the same syntax:

    pffft "message too short"

    The Longest Post

    Undoubtedly, and frustratingly because it was SO POINTLESS, "The Longest Joke in the World", posted by Milos on the 11th November. hands up all the other suckers who read it right through, hoping (in vain) that the effort would be worth it?!

    So, there's a start, search the grey matter and come up with some more, or some more contenders for these categories. Who knows, it could become an annual event?
  2. i wonder who might come up with the goods for "most posts made.... ever"

    :LOL: :LOL:

    and i liked that longest joke one, it was a fantastic way to waste a half hour of work time :grin:
  3. Hasn't this thing been done before?
  4. smee I've only been on the forum since March and I couldn't find anything to 'update' from previous years.
    It's no big deal, just a bit of fun on a slow day, OK?
  5. Not having a go mr sensitive.
    Just asking.
  6. Relax guys, dont burst a vessel
  7. Fight you swines: I hate peace!
  8. The Post With The Most:

    This one. Booyah.
  9. No problems, I just thought you must have found a similar thread from back before I joined.
    Anyway, I'm sure you must have a nomination or two, or you could hazard a guess as to the name???
  10. Wow paul,

    You are averaging 20 posts a day. When do you get to ride?

  11. I don't watch TV or go out to the pub at night, so when I'm not riding, I'm haunting Netrider :grin:

    Anyway, what about some more awards, I didn't post the thread to talk about my posts...... :p?
  12. award>>>Biggest Whinger
    Drum roll..........................

    Winner is...........................


    Award>>> Biggest Pickle

    Drum roll........................



    Award>>>Shit Stirrer

    Drum roll.........................


  13. It's alright, got a new kayak just before Christmas. I might have to paddle it into coffe some time and park it right in front of Mark's bike. :LOL:
  14. The Best and most entertaining flamer of Trolls...

    The Winner is...

    Deyago !!
  15. We should have a COTY - Crash(er) of the Year...


    Matt232 (for enthusiasm and devotion to the art)

    Mouth (for effectiveness)

    MartyH (for perfecting the Good Samaritan crash - "I was stopping to warn the guys behind me of the gravel, when I dropped it on the gravel")

    I think it's a 3-way tie! :LOL: :p :LOL:
  16. Nomination for most frustrating and time wasting thing to say in a post..

    Not everyone has been here for that long, and who the hell wants to trawl through thousands of posts to see if there's a thread matching their exact question?? If you don't like the thread, move to the next one!

    *exhale* fell much better now
  17. ok. how about oldest :LOL: :p and youngest RIDING netrider. i'll put myself in for the youngest riding netrider. i wanna get an award :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I wrote a few nominations... but then wrestled with milos and he accidentally closed them all :LOL:

    In the time of his membership, this poster has made every post he has count, making this forum being an informed populous.

    So I now nominate
    Forumbot for most informative posts.

    Best Mod:

    Worst mod
    No comment

    Hariest mod:

    Greekiest member...
    Ill wait for doonks to nominate this one :LOL:

    Geekiest member:
    humm. Voyager cos of his name

    Jerkiest member:
  19. my "isnt that ironic" award goes to this post :p